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Niger Peanut Butter

Niger Peanut Butter
Dosso Niger West Africa
Friday, October 6, 2006

I went to one of the most unique markets in my travels of the planet. It was by accident, I walked out of the Au Zenith Hostel, turned right on the street, walked across and towards a neighborhood where I could see some interesting architecture. I think it was a Mosque; I do not like to try to photograph or go near Mosque as they do not have a gentle nature about them and can be problems.

However, as I was walking, I seen this convoluted, woven, intertwined mess of people, tree limbs, pot, pans, and who knows what. I started to walk through and saw leave, packed round balls of this, and that, and I thought I was in some herb shop in San Francisco, where they would sell hippies placebo cure-all for all ailments, and tea on the side. I do not know what I was looking at, and that is what made market unusual and unique. In West Africa, if you have seen fish and pimas (Peppers) you have seen a market, of course a few women with their tops down, and flopping. It is never the young gorgeous ones.

I see brown, maybe like cow crap, mixing up, a light brown paste, what is this, I am always nervous in markets. Especially after you see rats for sale like in Laos or funky this and that, never know, if they get poor enough they may sell you a sparrow. Niger is supposed to be maybe on the bottom of the ladder, last in line, poorest of the poor. However, this market had some pineapples. I am not sure, poor does not mean they do not have food; they may not have money, a huge difference.

Homemade or Natural Peanut Butter made in Dosso, Niger.

This should make the au natural eat something with no preservatives, and all the veggie, vegan wanna be healthy people happy.

Small plastic bag with peanut butter inside, it cost 25 France or less than about 10 cents US, or less.

The Marche or Market of Dosso, Niger was a highlight of my trip, around 5:00 in the afternoon, I got to stroll around, laugh, joke with the locals and see what they are up to. There French is weak, their smiles were big, they environment seem ready for a movie to be made.

I went in search of a water bottle; I have started noticing some of the men carrying this bottle on a string, like a traveler’s bottle, made to carry. I have been musing and dwelling again, I am thinking, these Turag and desert dwellers need to carry water. They would not spill or allow the water to spill under any condition. They must protect it at all cost, how do they do this. In an old world, they had these goatskin bags, and I could by them I believe in Agadez. I am not going to drink from goatskin, so what is their modern adaptation and how does it work. I want a bottle that does not leak, light, lots of water, and I need to carry 1-2 gallons, that is a lot.

Oh well, I will dwell, roam around and see what I can find, this market in Dosso is unique, I could walk around, poke around, and ask many questions. Until I discovered, it that tobacco, what is that, why, explain, what language to do you speak. Can I take photos, will you call the anti-photo police, be obnoxious or will you have fun with me.

They all seem interested because I was interested.
I met two Peace Corps people in the Marche or Market, they was buying something and looking dazed or hot. It got up to 40 Centigrade yesterday according to my made in China not to be trusted temperature gauge, but it was hot, who knows. The Niger Peace Corps I believe speaks Hausa, I am not sure if they speak French, the girl I met also in the bus station said she spoke Hausa, the language you really need to talk to Niger people, not French.

I have about a 90 percent guess chance if I say Peace Corps is they are younger, around 20 and white, they are probably Peace Corps, if they are smoking a cigarette it is some nebulous who knows what NGO-ONG up to questionable activities person.

Nigeria is close, less than 100 miles or kilometers, there is a rood going directly over to Nigeria, however there are many, I do not know if it is an open border crossing or not.

Niger has a problem with Vegetable, Nigeria has many people, and Benin has some good veggies, both would probably ship up vegetable if the Niger people had some money. In the end, all is possible on the planet if you have money, if there is money, a person that wants, they will ship it to you eventually.

Niger so far reminds me of some old west hot and dusty cowboy town, where there are some lazy, hot men with their legs up in the air waiting. Waiting and waiting, not as if anyone looks motivated.

The one girls from Peace Corps, Sheena is here name was a black girl, I went into this Alex Haley, Roots, get back family, who am I, I am black, I was pulled out Africa, how to I know my family roots.

I do not know, they were hot, I was excited and happy, and I would love to be a black person in Africa. It would be like tracking down my mother after being and orphaned in some Charles Dickens, David Copperfield book, made into a movie plot.

I wonder if the Peace Corps people just want to put in their time, and get the resume stamp, or they are actually curious. They are young, I am amiss to see how they can give much, they have little to give, they have about a 20-year-old person life experience, not a person I go to immediately to ask advice, unless I want to know fashion or the latest music.

S.C.O.R.E. Senior Core of Retired Executives, this would be the people to send over to Niger and these poor countries, some very old hooter, who has too many life experiences.

SCORE is some small business administrative beg for money help to apply for small business loans SBA, advisors. It may be Senior Corps, I cannot find in encyclopedia, who knows if it still exists.

Niger is a very safe country, maybe on the annoying side, many people lying around doing nothing, however still a nice and safe place in a who would come here world. I would think the best person to want to come here is someone fascinated with the Indians of Arizona, and then they would be right at home. Hot, culturally extravagant, full of strange desert items, and people who just do not know much about anything. The literacy rate is below the meter reading, and in the total guess range in my opinion, it is a fact, that most facts are not facts when you start to learn country facts, they are guesses. Or a plea to give me money, look at the fact, we are the poorest.

I am glad about Niger, if this is as bad as it gets, then the world is actually in very good shape.

Niger Peanut Butter