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Niger Not User Friendly

2006-10-30 03:49:00

Niger Not User Friendly
Niamey Niger West Africa
Thursday, October 12, 2006

- A system that is easy to learn and easy to use. This term has been so abused that many vendors are reluctant to use it. -
Quoted from - Computer Desktop Encyclopedia of website:

I am trying to discover or make up backpacker travel jargon. Sometimes, I catch myself in discussions with other travelers and I just naturally say a great term. Today has been an emotionally frustrating and stressful day for me.

It started with the computer, somehow or why, I do not know, the computer has no available memory. I could not use the computer; it was so slow every function took five minutes.

I do a disk clean, after I use the program - Crap Cleaner -, the disk clean says there is over 6 Gigs of unnecessary old compressed files. I go away for 4 hours and return; it is still working to clean them, now it says it is finished.

I waited for the computer from 6:00 AM to 12: noon, or for six hours I could not use the computer because I needed to work, to make it work, the tool needed a commitment of time.
While I waited for the computer to perform the Disk Cleaning operation, which took four hours, I decide, I will go to the French Embassy and see if I have a Visa to Burkina Faso or should I apply for one. Four hours later, I think I have about a 75 percent chance; I can travel to Burkina Faso with no problem.

The French Embassy was very difficult, they send me to the Benin Embassy because they have me the:
- Visa Touristique Entente -

Benin says, I am correct, I can go to Burkina Faso with no problem and they will honor the Visa Touristique Entente, the say I should go to the D.S.T office of Niger and I guess they want me to get my money back.

After about two hours of shuffling and waiting, I get to talk with
Soufley Ajdoffo, the Director of this office.

He speaks very good English, in fact excellent, and in the end, he says Niger is it own country, it makes up its own rules. He also says the Benin Embassy is lying to me.

I try to explain, if this agreed upon Visa, shared between five countries works, then thousands of tourist can travel between the five countries. If Niger make you pay, the Visa is more or less worthless.

He starts to lecture me about the USA and how I am thinking like the USA, I see that he believes he is smarter than the USA, therefore I see this is all about who is smarter.

I shake his hand and start to leave, he says I cannot leave. I am thinking, maybe this is one of them Arabic culture things, we need to argue and if I argue he will come around. I argue with him for another 10 minutes, I finally realize, this is stupid, no tourist, ordinary is going to do one-tenth the work I have already done.

He says, he is not going to honor the Visa, the problem is the interpretation of the Visa, and even if I had the rules here, I do not think it would matter. Agreed upon rules, need read, most of these person have about a first grade level of reading. The director has for sure about a 10th grade, however, as normal, he thinks he can get away with this and he does. I leave, however, I will do my best to make specific types of pages that I hope can tell the world not to trust the - Visa Touristique Entente - on the Niger leg or at least, insure a person deals with a Niger in a fashion that enables you to avoid any discrepancies.

I now, need to go back through every time I have posted about the - Visa Touristique Entente - or Visa Entente - and put in a warning. This is annoying, and corrupt on the part of Niger, his refusal to read, try to adapt, or even acknowledge is a symptom of the countries problems; they rather deserve what happens in life to them.

Note, I had a two men from, one a China Visa Expeditor, and amazingly good speaking English person explain, for 20 minutes to the first man the situation, it is obvious, the man and the country have my money and refuse to even listen, I think they know exactly that I am correct, but refuse to make the country better, they doom the country to the same existence by their actions.

Niger Not User Friendly