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Niger Cold Sweats

2006-10-30 04:34:00

Niger Cold Sweats
Niamey Niger West Africa
Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am very weak, it is getting better, and however I am waiting to leave this country and now would be great.

I am trying to be careful on any water, or food I would enter into my body. I cannot eat unless I was a long way down the street; therefore, I have not eaten for three days.

In the end, I need to have whatever is in my body to stop, or my defense systems to win. Today it is better; however, I have this low-level headache, now I am worried now I will have caffeine withdrawal.

If nothing goes in, then nothing can cause problems. I may have eaten too much cheese and my whole system backed up. I have the money, yet I cannot buy protein, except for cheese at five dollars a piece,

I really want to leave Niger, in the end, I have about zero use for this hot, dusty, Islamic Niger country where it is dangerous to talk with the women and the men have this delusion concept that they are smart, very difficult to be smart when you cannot read.

Niger Cold Sweats