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Niamey Niger SMTP is Open

2006-10-30 04:10:00

Niamey Niger SMTP is Open
Niamey Niger West Africa
Saturday, October 14, 2006

POP and SMTP, terminology that in the past was well known by people, however, I almost never hear anymore.

SMTP is probably my biggest headache while traveling; it has become less of a problem with high-speed connections, but still a problem.
I will not bore you with the details, I write emails offline, or I write replies to emails offline with no connection, go to an internet café, and then send them.

I want to communicate with the planet, however, SMTP
(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) The standard e-mail protocol on the Internet. This is open or closed, never know until I try. Download is always possible, but to send is not, then there is the Norton Stop any emails problem. I got rid of Norton; I think that problem is solved.

Africa is a mess still, I forgot how it felt 10 years ago when I started to travel, I am in a state of nostalgia as I travel around Africa. I remember the same problems in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Life has become easier on the internet with high-speed connections, the dial up use to block most anything, now normally the SMTP is open.

I am thinking, I am wondering, how do this slowly to think NGO-ONG work, or do they?

I am writing emails back and forth with many friends and people all over the planet continually. I sometime have to wait a week to send the emails I write offline, then I hit an open internet café, I unload them. Really, make the person I am writing and me need to have good memories and communication skills. It also separates the slow from the fast brains.

It is sad, but the majority of executive types I write, or write me are not capable of communications with a person who does not reply back in three hours. They cannot stay organized enough to reply.

I have to remind them, explain so many times, I think, why would I want to do business with slow people, seems slow.

I find some super bright people by default, the only ones I can deal with, the others just get annoyed at my emails, they are not McDonalds fast, what can I do, I am in Africa.

I think of big corporations, executives, and researchers, I am blasting away, able to keep up and onslaught of information exchange with the world form anywhere on the planet. Then I see some post on the internet where the man looks like he was kicked by an elephant and wants to say how his life was difficult traveling in Africa. Yes, the internet is down, but life is not that difficult here, it is the French language that slows me down the most, I cannot say, I want to buy this and that, and with a twist.

I am sent ways to connect, but nobody ever tell me, is the SMTP open or not. I see WIFI systems of the planet, available in Five Star Hotels, I do not have problems in Big Cities and normally the bush does not have Five Star Hotels and if it did, I am not in the bush, or jungle.

I do not know what to call the outside the city of where I am at in Africa, I think I should call it the scrag ground. It is crap for anything normal or the land of nothing, the area with trees as been stripped of the lumber type trees and all that is left is scrag. I have not seen one monkey, and if I did, I think they would eat it. Yes, I saw a couple in cages, but even South America has a few running around lose. Where are all the monkeys?

I want someone to somehow make a website showing the internet access on the planet for one-two dollars. I could care less about the Hilton and the bar access or the 10 dollar a cup of coffee WIFI access in Starbucks. I want a normal internet café with SMTP that is open.

Then to make it easy in Africa, I need to download a PDF or TEXT file, of all the locations.

I think of little palm type computer files that would be great.

Niamey Niger is not so interesting, after you get bored with the NGO - ONG world; there is nothing to think about. The business here is charity, the making of a welfare nation.

I try to not talk to people on the dole or welfare, they seem depressed and tend to want to borrow money, and I like rich girls.

Niamey Niger SMTP is Open