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Natitingou to Boukombe Transportation

2006-10-26 04:25:00

Natitingou to Boukombe Transportation
Boukombe Benin West Africa
Saturday, September 30, 2006

About 50 kilometers, and cost 1500 CFA the ride to Boukombe was easy, the hard rocky clay road was incredibly smooth, the drive would shut the car off and coast down the hills, therefore took a little longer than under complete power.

I was in the normal Peugeot Cattle car.

I was in the passenger side of the front; all the Tata homes were on the driver’s side. For sure, I will get on the right side, as I think I need to return to Natitingou tomorrow for my journey now toward Kandi, Benin, up, and out of Benin to Niger.

I needed to be on the driver’s side coming to Boucoumbe, and returning to Nattingou, I need to be on the passenger side of the front. This way most of the Tata or Somba homes will be out my window and I can take more photos.

Not that exciting, in fact, Boucombe could be a pass, not a big city, not much to see, and definitely, I was more in the flavor of Africa normal living behind the market in the Auberge USA in Natitingou Benin.

Natitingou to Boukombe Transportation

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