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My Inability to Write

2006-10-29 04:24:00

My Inability to Write
Zinder Niger West Africa
Monday, October 9, 2006

I am incapable of writing a perfect post, article, or book, what would take a normal good writer less than 15 minutes to produce, for me to create the same quality of grammar and sentence construction, use of proper diction, all that which combines to create a clear cogent idea would take me 24 hours. Then it would only be 90 percent ok, not acceptable to an editor, wishing a perfect magazine article submission.

I am often frustrated, and receive tons of you-are-stupid-emails; you do not know how to write. I tell them, I know this, however, and they believe everyone should be able to write, I sometimes think, geez, do you realize that maybe 70 percent of the planet cannot read a street sign.

A master of something will denigrate often the skills of a person that does not have their natural abilities. I am a natural on SEO of internet pages, This is Search Engine Optimization, I try often to teach it, however normally fail, and normally to the person that is the perfect writer type ability, they are too confined by their rules to think, as they say outside the box.

What is important in life is too listen, and not minimize the good ideas, encourage the idea, ignore the format or form in which they are delivered.

My Inability to Write