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Monsoon Type Rain Benin

2006-10-09 01:58:00

Monsoon Type Rain Benin
Bassila Benin West Africa
Saturday, September 23, 2006

The rains seem monsoon in nature, it 4:06 AM, the lights are off because they turn the village generator off from late night until about 12 noon midday. I have two hours of batter on the computer if I am lucky, they I hope the sun rises.
A monsoon style rain is heavier than normal; it can be as if the world is dropping buckets. The amount of water coming down can soak a person in less than a five-foot walk. I am very cautious with this type of rain, always avoid, delay, or use an umbrella. It is a delay rain; you delay anything you are doing until it stops. Normally though there is this real overzealous concept of rainy seasons. When a person says it rains all the time, it does not rain all the time, it rains every day, and does probably rain for long stretches of night. Nevertheless, it does stop, morning can be good for travel, then there will be some afternoon rain, to cool the day off and it is welcome. If a person figures out the routine, the locals are always paying attention, it they are moving, then I need to be moving. It can be difficult for the tourist that drinks all night, the rains may be subsided in the morning until about 11 and they are sleeping. They awake and want to move when it starts to rain. I am always up and moving at 7:00, I will be at the Peugeot Car stop at 7:30 or just after sunrise.

I am happy I have a flashlight, I have never carried a flashlight, however with my charging flashlight that I squeeze, it generates electricity, and light, I have a flashlight. Using a flashlight take too many batteries and too much maintenance time, a candle is easier, and less work.

Monsoon Type Rain Benin