Lysol Wipes Hotel Cleaning

Lysol Wipes Hotel Cleaning
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

I purchased a large box from a wholesale food vender of these hand wipe things for restaurant. When I received them, they we so mild, I they were just to look good. I was excited when I saw, however I could not remember, either Clorox or Lysol wipes in the grocery store on a trip the USA.

The was in a bigger type plastic bottle, I passed, but thought, what a great thing to take traveling. I have storage of products problem, if I opened a container with an easy to pop lid, the baby would be dried out and worthless before I entered the second city. Backpacks are not good for lids. I would like some individually packed wipes.

India is the place where Clorox, something toxic, something big, expensive and I would pay to buy wipes is needed. Clorox or chlorine based, bleach products are sold in most countries. To carry around Clorox is a major risk to all the contents of my bag. Is some cooking oil leaks out, a bad problem, but solvable, however if the Clorox leaks out, then in am in big doo doo.

I have used and purchased some containers trying to carry hard to carry items. I have two very good Shampoos and Conditioner bottles even went to the factory to buy them, I cannot buy this type of bottle. They discontinued the product that used the bottle.

How to buy a bottle that will not leak in my backpack?

Ok, read this article, it is full of bull in many ways, but there is a good point to this.

1. Dry Surfaces or the bedspreads were not good at keeping viruses.

2. Anything you touch regularly is also touched by others.

I have been for years that hotels are dirty, they are cleaned as good as the people that work in the hotels. I would get worried if the workers are from India.

Ok, this is the point; people clean to the standards of their culture. To the bottom level of their culture because it is the bottom of the barrel that clean room. It is the top of the El Salvador culture that may be cleaning a USA hotel room, however it is still El Salvador or Mexico, give me El Salvadorians before Mexicans.

O, I deal with it, I have no choice, however in India, and I have scrubbed showers before I used them.

I am going to remember the wet idea; I do believe anything wet is a problem. I remember in the Caribbean Craig had them Teva Sandals and they stunk.

I think they had leather tops or what was under the soles of his feet was a soft leather pad. I use a flip-flop baby, and it is always dry. I think of how bad it must be to have Teva Sandals if they have the leather. I know the problem with the Teva shoes stinking is the type of Rubber, I bought some shoes with Thailand rubber and had to throw them away, the ones made in Indonesia do not stink. Both were Reeboks, but a different model.

I wear my sandals when it is raining; my Reeboks are too hard to get dry. I also change or use new socks every day. I have about 15 pair, and this allows me to do this, same for underwear.

I had a person say 15 was ridiculous, trust me that to me is the minimal amount, I go down to the last pair often. I wear the sandal though to avoid washing socks.

My feet are in sandals more than in shoes, I do think having nice dry feet keeps them in good shape. I see some monster size shoes that are trendy and think what a pile of weight. Now, I am going to think is anything growing in there.

Moisture is a constant problem in a bag; I dry off with my sheet on the bed so the towel is dry. It will rot inside a backpack on a long trip.

Lysol Wipes Hotel Cleaning