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Lome Togo Flight

2006-10-30 04:03:00

Lome Togo Flight
Niamey Niger West Africa
Friday, October 13, 2006

216 Euro 135,000 CFA about 250 US Dollars.

I purchased today a ticket leaving on Thursday from Niamey, Niger to Lome, Togo. The cost of a ticket to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso was more or about the same, I cannot remember. In the end, difficult to understand, however Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso is at the end of Morocco to Mali, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso path, and I will need to travel to Ouagadougou anyway at the end of another route trip of Africa.

I am told Ethiopia Airlines; I think also maybe Egypt Air flies from Lome towards Bangkok, Thailand or Singapore.

The cost to fly from Niamey to Bangkok, Thailand was over 1500-1600 US Dollars or more, impossible long trip also. I can fly to Lome, and then buy a separate ticket, I think cheaper. I want to discover one-way ticket in and one-way ticket out path. It is crazy, what would have been good is a round-trip ticket to Accra, Ghana or maybe to Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire from Bangkok, Thailand, or even Singapore.

I like Lome, Togo, it is a manageable city in West Africa, and the size of Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire is big, not easy to just move around in, you much make an all day affair or any trip. Lome, Togo is just a moto-taxi trip to about anywhere in the city quick.

I was told, or they showed me on the screen, I could fly into Togo and have a 7-day Visa, they confiscated my passport, then I collect the next day at the police station. I could have flown a 265 CFA flight on Saturday, however too aggressive. The cost of the Visa was not on the screen, but this is great to know. I can fly into Togo as an USA citizen and have 7 days to do something. The problem is this, it did not say, if I can get an extension or what, I assume so, but I do not like discrepancies. I can go to the French Embassy here and in the next three day, I hope get a Visa, I will try on Saturday, but they may be closed. I want the 30-day visa to Lome, or the multiple entries. Ghana is next door, less than one hundred miles from Lome, and I could fly out of the Accra Airport in Ghana. In the end, three cities are close, Cotonou, Benin, Lome, Togo, and Accra, Ghana, the distance to Abidjan is not just an day trip.

Distance between cities is not great, very easy trips, the problem is Visas or permissions to enter and leave. I am going to talk with a German man, I hope again in Lome, he can suss out or explain how to travel back and for the between these cities and countries. I believe there is not a problem. Again, I can as an American fly into without a pre-arrange Visa now to both Abidjan and Lome, Togo.

In a way, I think of feel all these countries make it work, I was laughing as the Travel Agent wanted to know if I had a yellow fever shot certificate, hard to believe, almost anyone flying in or out needs one for all of Africa, but who can say the problems or understanding inside of Africa. Maybe they do not require one of the locals, even though they probable have a better chance of carrying, or maybe the do not.

It would be a good trip, flying into Abidjan, go across the lower coast to Porto Novo, Benin, then go north, then travel back across the northern parts of the countries and return to Ivory Coast forgetting the hot country of Niger and Burkina Faso, staying in the Christian part on the coast, then in a more multi-ethnic areas in the northern parts of Benin, Togo, Ghana and Coto d’Ivoire on the return, the top being the culture of Africa in raw forms.

Lome Togo Flight