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Ivory Coast Health

2006-10-30 04:48:00

Ivory Coast Health
Ivory Coast West Africa
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am happy today; I could walk to the restroom without wobbling like an old man. I felt myself, or at least I know the self is coming back. I am tired of these feelings, I need some feeling of power, and I need to feel a little in control. I know I am never in control, but it feels good to be able to clean the room.

I was in air conditioned rooms, with screens on the windows, the rooms were sufficient for rooms. Hotels are hotels, they only protect you so far, and then the responsibility is mine. I am frustrated about mosquito nets, the design of mosquito nets is meant for one room, or the room needs designed for mosquito nets.

The world rather says, live with it, if there are bugs and mosquitoes in your room, you will leave in two days, therefore so what. Africa has motels, few people stay as I do for days, because I stay in a room, the ants, mosquitoes, etc slowly know I am here. An empty room is not a target, mosquitoes want blood I guess.

I have a mosquito net; however, there are limits in rooms. I often cannot find a way to attach to the walls. Four Walls and no hooks, pictures, hangings of any sort. I need to use an existing nail. The walls in the hotels of the world are 97 percent concrete.

I need a tent pole structure, but very light, this is not simple, I am going to discuss with Bhesh when I get back to Katmandu, Nepal about buying some poles with the rope inside. There is also ready to go mosquito net in Bangkok, however, it is very big, does not just fit in pack, maybe I can modify.

A mosquito net needs to set up in less than 5-10 minutes. In the end, I am still aware, mosquitoes are everywhere.

Ivory Coast Health