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Inductive Travel Food Logic

2006-10-09 02:34:00

Inductive Travel Food Logic
Djougou Benin West Africa
Sunday, September 24, 2006

Water is the scapegoat for most diarrheas or dysentery or anything a person believe they got from something. They blame the water; I personally think the problem is food and the restaurants. I have traveled for years, 10 years, I drink the water, and however I am afraid of the foods. I am lucky, I will not eat food unless I like how it is prepared, this mean, I need to watch them. Not an easy thing to do, I therefore eat street food most of the time. Fancy restaurants scare me too death, especially in places like Mexico or India, where they are not every clean.

Inductive logic is this, if the sun rises today, then again the next, then again the next, we could induce it will rise the next. The problem with this logic is there is still the possibility it will not.

I have lived for 10 years with almost zero water or food problems. I believe it is because I eat many packaged products and avoid stews, salads, groups of foods, soups, or any type of foods where they mix together foods. I especially would not eat some type of cold foods. Soups are safer, they are cooked and if hot, not so bad. Any cold food mixed in a bowl, and gave to me are refused.

Inductively this has worked for years; this Dutch girl had Typhoid after being in Africa for only six weeks.

- Typhoid Fever, acute infectious disease caused by the typhoid bacillus Salmonella typhi. The bacillus is transmitted by milk, water, or solid food contaminated by feces of typhoid victims or of carriers, that is, healthy persons who harbor typhoid bacilli without presenting symptoms. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that globally some 16 million cases of typhoid fever occur annually, causing 600,000 deaths. - (2)

I think she ate something, or trust people in restaurants, I have traveled for 10 years, and with the inductive logic, I am doing something right and she is doing something wrong. I should be getting many parasites, diseases, waterborne this and that, however, I do not. I drink the water from the tap on a regular basis; I always brush my teeth with tap water.

I however, only eat single serving meals. One piece of chicken, one piece of bread, one piece of anything, I do not eat some mixed up batch of foods, combined in a bowl, served on the table by some third word cook, which is clueless how to be clean or cook clean. If it is hot, it probably safe, it is in a wrapper, some cookies, crackers, it is probably safe. If in a can, like tuna, peas, corn, it is probably safe. If it is bottle water, it is most likely safe, note thought that taking bottles and filling with water can make a ton of money for a person. The bottle just has to look new; it does not have to be new.

Restaurants are the culprit, I almost never eat in a restaurant, I am a scavenger, I work the whole day finding foods anywhere and everywhere that complete my balance diet. It takes a lot of work, I do not sit down and drink a beer, spend a lot of money in an expensive restaurant ran by dirty people, who do not know about being clean, I can see their fingernails, I know I am 90 percent right.
A FIRST: The florescent light is making a huge racket, amazingly noisy. I am in the normal hotel room with a center light, I wish it was a normal, however florescent has taken over the planet. It makes me feel weak and not happy. I need to pack and leave, enough obsessing on how to find solutions to problems that are not mineā€¦ hehehe

Luck has a lot to do with not getting sick, then eating, garbage disposal eaters get sick.

Inductive Travel Food Logic