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I am Sick in Niamey Niger

2006-10-30 04:31:00

I am Sick in Niamey Niger
Niamey Niger West Africa
Monday, October 16, 2006

I am feverish, hot and cold, a little dizzy and having problems here in Niamey, Niger.

Niger people are number 177 on the HDI, Human Development Index. In reality, being last means translated.

We do not care.
We are ruthless, selfish and most likely to piss on you foot.
Manners at a minimum.

In worst situations, babies die, women are beat, on and on.

To me, developed or not developed mean….
IF I was in Norway, and I fell over in the street, they would care. They would do a drag hunt search of the city, very quick to discover who I am.

I am worried I would fall over in the street.

Here in Niamey, it would maybe happen; there is no guarantee, that the hotel would every report me missing.

The bottom line is this.

C.A.R.E. Interventional is to give CARE where the people of a country refuse to care.

I was reading a description of primitive people by Michael Crichton in the book State of Fear.

Ok, I cannot remember every how to spell his name. Michael Crichton, Crighton, etc. Michaels was explaining that this in touch with nature, kind, and living together in peace is NOT tree. Primitive cultures are ruthless; they will spend their whole time trying con or make a bad deal with you.

People think I do not care, I am bad, or I am lazy. No, I am overwhelmed with information to put on the internet. The explanation of how dangerous it is, is more important to post, than to make sure the name is spelled right.

Prioritize safety; most people cannot prioritize their safety. They ride a bike on a road that is very dangerous, when they could walk, OFF the road. However, it is also a control issue; they desire to be in control.

I look at a hotel first for safety, location, transportation, last on the list is comfort. To live in a motel whereby I have to walk 2 kilometers in the dark to return home, because there is no Motorcycle taxis is dangerous.

What the first thing the ONG or NGO, Peace Corps appear to do, they get a Cell Phone, and I have not seen one NGO or Peace Corp without a cell phone.

Is this for a person to call from Home, no it is the delusion of safety. However, how will the call, if they fall over in the street, pass out and someone after about one-half hour picks them up.


What the world needs is a guide, to instruct them on how to be safe.

I travel alone; this is dangerous in the 177 out of 177 country, that is proved to not care about people. They care the least.

There is this system, whereby I can register with the USA Embassy in countries. Now, I do not do this either, it to me, opens up a list of CIA, Embassy, Stupid people who have no clue how to find me.

I do not trust the USA embassy in another country, mainly because there is nobody inside who is from the USA, here is would be staffed by Niger people, the 177 of 177 worst.

I make websites; I want to make websites that help people. IF I use the website, then I would know it is valuable to me.

I presently only use a couple of pages of my website.
News and Around the World Airplane information.

Air fare:

Fast Way to Check World News

Empathy, I think on how to empathize with travelers and tourist, if I stopped and worked to make money on a big site, I would stop the ability to empathize. In the end, to manage and put information up of value on the internet while moving, from location to location is to say the least almost impossible, not for me, but Joe Blow yes.

To Care is easy, to change or do something of real value is difficult, I am watching the NGO ONG making Niger into a welfare nation. I have only seen one organization working on solution. This is sad; the goal here is to create a welfare nation.

The goal of this organization is to help people take care of themselves, price, honor, and no begging.

Eden Foundation.

I am Sick in Niamey Niger