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I Am Sad For Thailand

2006-10-10 01:44:00

I Am Sad For Thailand
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I read from a CNN update I received in my email box and USA consular sheets, also in my Email box that there has been some type of Military takeover the country of Thailand.

USA Travel Warning System

I do not jump anymore when I read a CNN report or BBC; I know there is only about a 25 percent chance it is as serious as they make it. All governmental changes are serious, however not as serious as they seem. Especially if you understand, do not get in involved, stop drinking and leave the troubled area for the normal people areas.

However, even badly reported news is better than no news. I have discovered that to quickly understand the world, my own page is now the best. However, I NEED to go to it and read, this is not an alert system and I have not myself been on the internet for about 7-10 days. My page collects and groups most of the major web site RSS feeds into one page for easy reading.

The CNN update more or less says that a group, wanting democracy has surrounded the major government areas on the 19 of September 2006, today is the 26 of September, this means I have been out of contact for 7 days. This is not a big problem, unless I had a plane soon for Thailand, which is always possible because I use Bangkok, as a travel base for plane fares.

I feel like Thailand is an old and cantankerous old friend. My friend however can be a fair-weather friend. I do not trust Thailand and I do not trust any country. I trust the USA, England, maybe Germany, possibly Japan, after that it get difficult, I suppose Australia and New Zealand.

Most countries are not stable; there is always the possibility of sudden change. Even if they are stable, that does not mean a larger China cannot come in and take over. Thailand is self-inflated in their sense of self and value, they over-state or over-believe their understanding and capacity to be first world. Rather a girlish, lady-boy, anything goes, and one man can control them problem. A lot of blow, a little steam, however, no real fire under them. This is why any country can be harnessed or capture, a few selected cities, the right buildings, the right people and all the fiefs will sit back and try to not get involved.

I like Thaeksin in way, he was all business, a business running the country is better than a religious person or a funky, and not do anything country. The government of Holland or the Netherlands is almost a joke; the country runs in spite of its government because of the business. I told a person Thaeksin needs to leave, before the kill him, he needs to get out of town while he is ahead. Power, never can accept that they can be removed.

Who knows what is up in Thailand, a good time to return and sniff around, for fun? Nevertheless, how to escape Africa, it is a huge dime to fly in and out of Africa.

I Am Sad For Thailand