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I am OK you are not OK Travel

2006-10-29 03:24:00

I am OK you are not OK Travel
Dosso Niger West Africa
Friday, October 6, 2006

I remember traveling in Central and South America 7-10 years ago and there was this traveler camaraderie, I was excited to meet other travelers in strange places. We would instantly walk up, ask, where have you been, what have done, where do you go.

This was before they traveled with Cell Phone and Chatted on the internet with their friends and mothers. There was a need for friendship; the sense of traveling alone was present.

What made me think of this is the lack of desire on the Peace Corps persons to talk. I have only met one, or now two, both Mexican heritage and actually can speak Spanish that desired to talk. All the others are hermits in characters, or I cannot be bothered to be personal in nature.

Yesterday, in the market of Dosso, I said hello, to the only white man in the market, he looked at me and did not say or acknowledge, I do respect a small amount the privacy, not a large amount, but I do leave people to their depression.

He had Peace Corps stamped on his head, young, dazed and looking classless, so I said,
- Peace Corps. -

No reaction, I think brain dead, not eye movement, not in the full on position. I used to in West Africa say hello, the French men are drunks and smokers, not normally worth a darn, the French girls are probably ok, to talk with, however few to be found. Germans are always good for a conversation. When I met Stellan from Sweden, he was like a good traveler, open to talk, curious, and exploring questions.

Yesterday, I had enough of Peace Corps, I decided to do the,
- You are not ok, dysfunctional hook thing. -

Ignore them, who cares and move on down the line. There is maybe 5 white people in the city, this city is not on the map of anyone, it is not even a big NGO city, it is lost in world, nowhere but for a Nigerian person.

Therefore, to ignore a person seems silly, but then again, who does really care, I am leaving tomorrow and these people will have nobody to talk with in normal English for two years.

I laughed, he came and talked later, too stupid, a good English conversation is the secret cure for isolation. To talk normal, to be normal, to sound and socialize in normal English.

I travel, I leave, I can go find my intimacy in the market, I am friends with any creed, religion or tribal wear, I do not care, I was in the process of having the peanut butter hand language conversation when he came up.

I am wondering if it is me, or am I just to extrovert, the introverts really should stay home, I wonder if the Peace Corps even test, or they just take anyone, to travel to foreign lands and do any good, you need some type A, extroverts, I have not yet seen this.

I will always be OK, and if not, I am still OK, I am not worried about me, but are you ok, talk, you have two years of being in the insane asylum, I suppose they are a special bunch, put in two years, and be hermits, or.. It would be better with extroverts.

I am OK you are not OK Travel

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