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How to be a Writer

2006-10-10 02:01:00

How to be a Writer
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am reading what I think is a series of essays by Ray Bradbury about becoming a writer. I am also told there is a book by Stephen King on writing, I am not a big fan of Stephen King, but would love to know James Micheners opinions though on writing. If I get close of find this book by Stephen King, I will read it, how to find on the other side of the planet is the problem.

Ray Bradbury says something to the effect of, you should write 1000 words per day, until writing become natural and the mechanics of writing become second nature.


This book is sort of a gathering of anecdotic example of how he succeeded or did not succeed with writing. By story, he explains some ideas. I am not so interested in learning how to write, as I am interested in how a persons mind works, how a man or woman can take the sum total of their thoughts on a subject, accumulate them in an organized, way and if you are Tom Clancy, make a 1000 page, small print book that is consistent and cogent. James Michener to me was a great historian, weaving a story, around the history and culture of an area of the planet.

I accept that I am full of opinions, hard to collaborate, easy to have, and nonetheless possible I am correct. Humility says to me, I need to remain teachable, thus all my opinions should and shall always be open to 100 percent change.

I have been aware for a few years, that to write about locations on the planet, to do very well, not just ok or well, but very well, a person needs help, there is a need for background or research information to be collected.

I am writing here in Africa between 1500 and 2500 words per day, I guess I am passing his first challenge. However, who wants to be a writer, seems like a great way to go broke, and stay broke.

How to be a Writer