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Greed is Needed

2006-10-30 04:22:00

Greed is Needed
Niamey Niger West Africa
Sunday, October 15, 2006
I was perusing through hundreds of emails trying to write people. I have discovered there are many emails from people, who want to advertise, associate, talk with me, discuss the opportunities, etc,

The new way of writing is this; they put in the subject line,

From a Reader…

I laugh, then they say, can we talk this week on the telephone, I will often write back, if you reply, I will get a SIM card and you can call West Africa, of course, they did not know I was in Africa, but they was reading….. Hehehe

However, is a business at the end of the day, and I need to pay attention to business. It is becoming increasingly hard to find ways to deal with these inquiries. 90 percent are just weak, and do not really give me opportunities I need, or they recommend I give up something that works, or fix something that works very well.

If I were greedy, I mean, if I loved money, this would be easier, or when I was desperately in need of money a few years ago, I would be writing every one of them.

Now there are also the companies that want me to send those Videos for FREE. To make a video of a place would take about 4 days, I do not need to work four days, and it just would involve four days of figuring out the situation. Time of day, light, sound, how to take a video and not get the crap slapped out of me.

I am not just going to start sending them videos, I think I will put up on my own site first… hehehe and I can make the money from content.

But nice idea, I think they need to pay.

A whole new art to learn, the big problem is memory, I have 256 K of memory and take about two Meg photos with my Sony 12X camera.

I have taken eight small video in MPG format, they are crap, one is ok, but the pictures get fuzzy quick. I need to hold the camera extremely steady, and walking through a market or jostling around where people run into me is not the best situation. On the back of motorcycle is good, but still bouncing. From the bus window is ok, I am finding that taking at a bus stop when we stop to pick up people is s good opportunity. I can hold the camera steady, I am high up in a bus, the bus is stopped, and there are normally many people so the home video is not boring,

I am coming up with many ideas on how to do this without getting in trouble with the people in video. I am now trying to find some glasses with a camera inside, whereby I could film what I am looking at, nobody need know I am filming.

If I upgrade equipment, I could convince people I am some super pro and they would suck up to me and help. Everyone wants to be famous, but I do not like people who want to be famous.

Greed is Needed