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Grand Bassam Restaurant

2006-10-30 04:53:00

Grand Bassam Restaurant
Grand Bassam Ivory Coast West Africa
Thursday, October 26, 2006

In the hope of finding a meal that was nutritious, moreover, one that I wanted to eat, I went to a small place on the other side of the inland waterway called,
- African Dream -

Pizza, I had pizza that was cooked, had cheese, and the chef cooked it the way I asked without tons of tomatoes and onions. It was great, my stomach has shrunk, and I was only able to finish half.

This is also a Hotel, which I am going to move into today, just for the better karma. It is owned by a former French TV producer, and photographer. He has his Caribbean wife and a couple of small children.

I am coming down the hill from this sickness, I need to somehow elevate my emotional status, and generally, a happy hotel will make this happen. Nonetheless, my conversation with the owner was sufficient reason to wish to talk more. Good conversation is a problem as I travel in Africa, there are no other tourists, and everyone speaks only French, I will enjoy this move.

Thus, I pack, and move on down the road, not far, just enough though to avoid the constant salt breeze. He has an airplane in the middle of the restaurant, and it flies.

Grand Bassam Restaurant