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Ginger Gingembre

2006-10-29 03:33:00

Ginger Gingembre
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Monday, October 2, 2006
I am back in Natitingou, therefore I decided to stop to see the Ginger girls and buy some Ginger drink. I nice place to stop and listen or try to converse in French.

The say Gingembre, not Ginger, because that it the French word for is, however to me it sounds like Ging Gem and I can say, and they can understand.

This drink is strong, maybe bitter; I think the quantity of water needs to be diluted to sometime be better. I am yet to find some sugar to try to lighten it up.

This is the ground, yet raw ginger waiting to be mixed.

The take the ginger and put in the round sifting device to the left, I suppose they shake it and powered ginger drops. I have not seen this process so not clear on the hows and whys.

The process of making this ginger drink is.

1. Grind up the ginger, maybe let it dry, I am not sure.
2. Sift it through the very fine mesh into a certain amount of water, I can almost promise you they were not careful with this.
3. They retrieve coke, Fanta, and kind of drink bottle they can find and clean them with soapy water, shaking and then rinsing.
4. The put the bottles in the ginger water, fill them up.
5. A person cleans the ginger off the outside or rinses.
6. They may distribute, I do not know, there are two sizes.

The small one cost 175 Franc, but if I give her 200, she likes me so she keeps my change.

So the small bottle cost about 40 cent US, this is not a bargain drink, but unique and special, and authentic.

How to find in Natitingou, the million-dollar question. Find a statue of the man using a stone to grind pima or peppers, it is a statue. The good Super Marche is next to this, if you cross the street from the march on the corner of the street, they seem to be doing this process of making ginger daily.

Say Hi from Andre.

This to me is one of the essential reasons to travel, does not make it in the guidebook, only if it is alcoholic, but does make it on my list. Gingersnap, Ginger in the Caribbean to stop seasickness, and memories of my grandmother giving me Gingersnap cookies, this is a grand memory.

There is something you like, some food, some product, something that is part of your day. Somewhere on the planet is the origin of what is part of you, a memory you have, a sense of what you like.

Ginger Gingembre

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