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From Heaven to Bohicon Benin

2006-10-03 01:46:00

From Heaven to Bohicon Benin
Bohicon Benin West Africa
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

24/7 give me gift, give me that…aagh, I went from Cove, Benin where only one person ask me for something in two days, to where I am accosted every 10 steps. Amazing how a culture can go down the tubes, I am in what I think is a popular with the workers, NGO, etc, people, the give them money, made them this way group. Cover where the owners of the Provincial Hotel told me maybe two white people come a month was like heaven, now I am in Bohicon, and I think Abomey is worst.

I need the satellite connection; I really want to hit them on the head with a big stick. If I had a satellite connection, I could just skip these overly stupid cities. The plus is there is this cafeteria across the street where I may be able to get chicken and rice cheap… hmm, not so cheap about five dollars, damn, I pay one dollar in the normal poor world.

Well, every disaster zone has some good, I am learning more words, I now know.
- Cadeau -
Which means,
- Gift -

I am glad I am not in Ghana, the would understand my English, and for sure I do not need to know in French how to do something to themselves anatomically impossible. Something in me, really gets angry feeling an adult tries to take advantage of me, it is not that they are doing this to me; they are hitting a brick wall. It is as my friend describes Africa.
- thug/tyrant/war lord -

Quote from Encyclopedia:
- People with antisocial personality disorder act in a way that disregards the feelings and rights of other people. Antisocial personalities often break the law, and they may use or exploit other people for their own gain. They may lie repeatedly, act impulsively, and get into physical fights. They may mistreat their spouses, neglect or abuse their children, and exploit their employees. They may even kill other people. People with this disorder are also sometimes called sociopath or psychopaths. Antisocial behavior in people less than 18 years old is called conduct disorder. - (2)

I learned in Mexico about the corrupt personality or thugs. I dated a girl whose father was like the Governor of Merida area. I stopped dating her before it was clarified. I mention this to my friend Enrique, I was not happy knowing this, as 99 percent of Mexican politicians eight years ago were probably making money by abusing the people. The daughter looked the other way. Enrique says,
- What good luck. -

I could not figure out why having a girlfriend of a corrupt politician was good luck, to me bad luck. As I finally understood, Enrique did not hate corruption; he wanted to be the person doing it. This is a problem with corruption, it does not stop normally at the top, and they all are in a fight to be the one who is being the big boss.

I have nine to ten years of beggar experience, I live, eat, drink, and walk with beggars on a daily basis. It is the guaranteed existence of human flesh outside the USA. I however, do not see beggars, or person who feel entitled to money, some in India, however not so rampant.

This is not normal, somewhere, somehow there is a complete breakdown of some normal social barriers. The beggar is not considered an acceptable person in most communities, tolerated, helped, overlooked, talk to, many things, but not accepted. The people put up their barriers to stop them.

I like Africa immensely, however, I must stop coming to the cities, they are just a waste of my good time, and stay clear of the too touristy hotels. Pretty much anything in the guidebook seems off limits for me.

Time to make some rice with chicken bouillon in my room for about 10 cents US, a dramatic savings over eating the 5-dollar string chicken across the street. I have found the Electricity, although it does go off sometimes, it is very good. A solid, uninterrupted, not easily confused electricity. I do not break the breakers or fuses by using electricity, I do not see everybody hooking up illegal, and I think West Africa is going to develop very well with Electric use. What this translates to, is I can plug in my hot plate easy, cook some rice, blast about 1500 Watts over the thing, and not have problems. Over 250-500 and normal world goes pop. I have not blown one fuse or breaker in Africa, and I am an electricity hound.

From Heaven to Bohicon Benin

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