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Dosso Niger Hotels

2006-10-29 03:17:00

Dosso Niger Hotels
Dosso Niger West Africa
Friday, October 6, 2006

I am in some hotel called the Au Zenith Hotel in Dosso, something about the Kilamjaro Group and next to the Auberge Carrefour, however I am not sure if that is even open. I am paying 5500 CFA and too much for one of the poorest countries on the planet. I am leaning though how to find or get to a hotel. I am paying about one dollars in Taxis until I get the tour. There was no taxi when I arrived; I think they were too lazy to meet the cars. I saw some later, I walked from the car stop to the bigger bus area with some man who I gave the dollar to, and he was more than willing to walk me with my 40-50 kilos of weight around in the 40-Centigrade heat. They are not quick on their feet and I was really pushing him to make sure his brain was in the on position. Many are not, have to be very careful when you go to the bottom of the HDI index, there is a reason.

I met him, when I walked out and found this Hotel Djerma, for 16,000 CFA that looked like it got bombed, the swimming pool needed a picture and the bar looked like the saloon in the hot dusty cowboy town. Not a warm and friendly, we love you place for 35 Dollars. I did not even look in the room; I would just as soon get on a bus as pay that much.

The man then took me to the Carrefour, I just looked it up, it means Crossroads in French, but I see this sign, then we past the Carrefour. The Djerma and the Carrefour are in the guide; however, the man says there are many hotels here. I am not going to walk the whole city with 40 kilos in the heat of the day.

My new strategy is to day, I will pay 5000 CFA, that get them very real and two times what or three times what I would say in South America or Asia for prices. I would say 3 dollars there, I am saying about 10-12 dollars, and hitting bottom. The bottom is probably 1500, if you stayed a few days and pushed, they need to have two hotels to negotiate.

If my French was better, I would think about walking up to someone in the market and saying, I need a room, I am sure the service would be better with an interested family than a Buvette Boom Boom Hotel.

Buvette Boom Boom Hotel

Buvette is the word, the buzz, the networking, know you French word for a place to drink in these wanna speak French, the only ones that come wanna be cool and speak French countries. Buvette is a refreshment bar in my dictionary. I would call them boom boom bars, or sneak and pay too much with a girls bars. I have yet to see any normal girls go in these bars, only girls on leashes. There are too many men, and like a corner bar in the USA, only for the hard core, I will drink, I want to drink. Not a place to meet nice women by a long shot, or any women, I suppose if a man wants to meet a man, then probably a great places, hmm, I wonder, maybe the people that do learn French want the scarf around their necks.

Well, I am for sure in a Buvette Boom Boom Hotel, I think I have a 95-98 percent chance in West Africa of being in either a working class, the better type or the Mercedes Benz, SUV-NGO-TOYOTA boom boom hotels

Either way, they give you beer, if you bring the women, you can drink, and drink, talk and drink with the girl and pay to much for a room and go boom boom. Pronounced Broom Broom by Sophi in my favorite boom boom bar hotel in Natitingou, Benin.

The Boom Boom is good, without a few patrons these place would be bigger dumps than they are, the Buvette Boom Boom makes them at least have one drunken patron.

One person is safer and better than zero persons.

I was telling the two Peace Corps persons, how I left the 50-50 channel and went to the 99 percent channel on Islamic noise. Benin was maybe a neutral, we are, but we do not care, here, they are, some care, but the girls are not going to talk, unless you take too much time and hang around too late in the boom boom Buvettes. I am too lazy to stay up late in a country with zero interest in anything.

All the action to me in West Africa is around the Marches, if you are at a Marche or Market, there is always something happening. On the way back form the market, I had 5 girls tagging me, they had on their customary hats of pans, and the colors of clothes has in improved in Niger. This to me is more colorful than Benin, or maybe it helps, the girls are skinnier. I say Sa Va, comment sa va and all the French I could throw, I could not lose them, they was on my tale, yet no talking. One girl goes into a big conversation in French as she decides to split a run off, something memory. I need to upgrade about two notches in French, and I will be there to understand people who do not speak good French, they probably speak Hausa, Dendi, or something.

Covered or not covered, there is a weaving process here on Islamic, you have some girls with the long too long headpiece that covers and waves in the wind. The obviously Islamic, then you have the we work in the market, cannot be bothered to be too much girls. They look somewhat normal, and if pushed, they probably would go into the proper dress for who is watching. A lot has to do with who is watching, like if an important person is watching. Outside of the cities it can break down to who knows what happening clothing is.

People are practical; they wear clothes that they want. There is an I-Am-Special group in Niger; they are men who have these tacky, no shirts under them, leisure suits. Too many clothes and they probably stink clothing. Strange how a bunch of cultures who probably one hundred years ago would walk around in loin cloths in the home can suddenly get the word and put on ridiculous amounts of clothing to be in fashion for the current Gods as secularized or fashioned.

Who knows how they dressed 200 years ago, everyone is guessing, I seen them in the bush, it is not full on, where something to look special, it is their tribe, plus a stick, plus a desert wrapping.

Fashion is why people in even the poorest cultures wear clothing, the need for fashion and the look never ends, even at the bottom of the HDI Index. Why they are in fashion is then real question and a great way to really piss off the politically correct police.

Ok, the hotel is ok, the room is big, no toilet to be found, there is a shower and I think everyone in this town drinks the water, unless they want cold in the little plastic bags.

I am right next to the bus, that will go from Dosso to Zinder for 9100 CFA and I am happy. The location is perfect for a real backpacker, without a car. I am wondering, am I the ONLY ONE?

These are such great places for the over 50 over 60 group to roam around culturally, and explore, I do not understand, are all person in need of a flush toilet to travel. If a person knows what a John is or an outhouse, they can travel in Niger in and West Africa in Extreme comfort, there is only this 1 in 10 chance of bad, hotels often are excellent in and overpriced for the poorest countries on the planet priding.

I think all the NGOs have left, I see very few so far, Zinder will tell the story, and it is where there is action for NGO’s. They can set up offices and make and I need donation video and story.

I am glad I am carrying a Mosquito Net; the Au Zenith has plenty and no net in this room. The fan is heavy duty and blows most mosquitoes far away; I guess a fan can serve as a mosquito net, but not the best. I am having problems; I need to find a way to use a mosquito net when there are not hooks to tie it to. Amazing how little hotels care about their client happiness in the world, give me the money and who cares is standard operating procedure on the planet. Price does not matter; you can pay a fortune and still have problems with mosquitoes.

Dosso Niger Hotels

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