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Djougou Benin

2006-10-09 02:20:00

Djougou Benin
Djougou Benin West Africa
Saturday, September 23, 2006

I arrived in Djougou Benin, after a grueling trip, the road is perfect, flat, wide, shoulders, you can see for miles ahead. The loading and unloading of the Peugeot Cattle Car is FATIGUE. FAH TIG GEY, I am tired, we stopped, started, loaded, set a record for West Africa Peugeot Cattle Cars.

There were three in the front, one being I, and the other a soldier or there would have been four. Five in the middle seats and four in the back. This is a pile of people, five persons is a lot, being that one or two are cows, the pure mass of flesh is awesome. Then along the road, he stops and picks up a 55-Gallon barrel of something.

It took from 7:30 to about 12:00 to go maybe 80 Kilometers on a perfect road, normally it is the road, it was pack, unpacking that took the time, and there is a village every five kilometers.

I got some nice photos, the culture made a change from Bassila to Djougou Benin, the type of homes, the colors of skins, the living styles, and even the hand gestures. There is now some round homes instead of rectangular. There is the Alamo Style compound now, adobe with the houses making parts of the outer wall. In the normal compound style, the home is in the middle. This new style has the home as part of the wall, and all the doors face in. I need to get up close to get a good photo and this is difficult.

Djougou Benin

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