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Dear Exile

2006-10-30 04:26:00

Dear Exile
Niamey Niger West Africa
Sunday, October 15, 2006

I received this book in the Natitingou Peace Corps office, the name is,
- Dear Exile -

By Hilary Liftin and Kate Montgomery

I kept trying to think, why I was annoyed, it finally hit me today and I looked up the word in the Dictionary to be sure.


1. absence from your own country: unwilling absence from your own country or home, whether enforced by a government or court as a punishment, or imposed for political or religious reasons
2. somebody living outside his or her own country: somebody who is forced to live in another country, either for personal or political reasons or after being ordered to leave as a punishment
3. banishment from home or country: official expulsion from a home country or area, sometimes to a specified place, as a punishment

I try to read books, I would much rather read fiction than non-fiction, and I especially despise travel type books. This is supposed to be the correspondence between two good friends, one in the USA and one in the Peace Corps for two years.

The Peace Corps has about a 25 percent drop out rate in the first few months as I have been explained, and the person can go home anytime, no questions asked, at the cost to the US Government. In addition, they are flying into Africa often on Air France, the last airlines on the planet I would check for good prices.

I am also reading this book,
- No Mercy -
By Redmond O’Hanlon

I will probably get the No Mercy finished, I cannot be bothered with the girl in a free will choice to be in Africa, and it is not exile.

The world is being sold a bill of good, Africa is different, but so far, I am lost, it is not that dangerous or even lonely. It is just labeled,
- Africa -

I am getting many emails about how can I travel here and how can I do this, and the problem is French mostly, hard to speak French. I am thinking even Nigeria is probably good, and it is supposed to be one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.

The No Mercy book is more or less maybe an actual trip where the author needs SEVEN pages of one to two line references to explain where he got his material. That is many references for a travelogue of your own trip. He must have really added many extras.

This is ok, it is educational and probably accurate, and however I am finding that many travel books are just long research documents explaining the country.
Exile make me think, poor girl, you volunteered, now you are not happy. Amazingly, volunteers want to do fun things, as if helping anybody is happy work, the people who need help, I do not want to touch, half way talk with, or associate with, and they will probably steal anything they get near too. Peace Corps is a breeze compared to really helping street bums. Africa has a severe looking street bum, I have seen cities full of NGO - ONG and there is this bum actually in the sewer digging around. In Bassila, Benin, I could not believe it, I have seen many. Boumkombe, Benin had one under the tree, dangerous to photograph, these people have nothing to lose by attacking me, and they have nothing as Bob Dylan said.

Extreme exaggerations is a book, everything anymore is catastrophe, the poster on the wall, outside the room says,
- Stop the Massacre -

They are talking about poachers in the jungle park, massacre is a little to strong I think, and I do not trust people that lie.

But all is a lie, people are immune to the advertisements, they do not even complain, they just placidly think, it is normal to lie, the ads, CNN, BBC and everyone just is doing it, and the bad part, they will quote these lies to another person. A need for some critical ability to analyze the world is needed.

Note, my life is probably better here than in South America. Do not read anything in to it, it is not what you think, the hotels are really too good. I feel like I am pampered.

Dear Exile