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Damage Control

2006-10-30 04:50:00

Damage Control
Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire West Africa
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am recovering from Malaria, I think, however, I have had to call my Parents, my friends, stabilize the people who work for me. Everyone is I think
- Afraid of dying -

I do not like feeling bad, I do not like the idea of dying, but I am not worried. I suppose I think I am invisible; it is not my time to die.

The fear I hear, feel, see in people about this is amazing. Many people on the planet get Malaria; it is part of life for many. I have the 15 US Dollars for the medicine; this would be overwhelming amount of money for many people.

I almost died in a motorcycle accident, and came close to doing it to myself. I do not see dying as a problem; I see it more as relaxation. I on the other hand know I try my best to be on good terms with all the Gods and keep my nose clean, not much guilt on my plate.

I am cleaning backpacks, counting money, calculating and planning an escape from Africa. Today is Wednesday; I need to make a pile of about 1000 US Dollars to fly out of here. I can only get, maybe if the ATM works 300 Dollars, I am trying to use my two other cards, but the one pin number is hiding from my brain. I have three ATM cards, but one is primary and the two back ups seldom are used. But they are there, and I can use them.

I may just go ahead and wire myself 1000, first I have to find a ticket, this mean in a weaken state, I need to travel about 25 miles from the Grand Bassam on the ocean to the biggie city of Abidjan.

A bush taxi is the fastest way and easiest, then fortunately the taxis in Abidjan have meters. I really am tired of fighting with taxis. I am very worried how to get a taxi from here to the airport, a very early flight and I may go sleep in the airport. The French lady, owner of the Wharf seems to have traveled somewhere, just the normal staff, good, but not on the A list when it comes to understanding a priority.

I am ready to Africa, I am tired of the constant aggressive people, and I need some passive genetics, Asia…. Africans can give orders, be a regular boss, pain in the butt, very pushy. Not a big problem, I am probable Alfa Male, Type A; they are not as assertive as I am. Most of travel is about being able to say no, no to beggars, no to touts, no to people who want my address. It goes on and on, the invasion of normal assumed privacy leaves on 80 percent of the planet.

I know where to go and hide in Bangkok, or the Philippines, in the USA I go crazy, nobody paying attention.

Damage Control