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Daily While Traveling Projects

2006-10-13 07:22:00

Daily While Traveling Projects
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Friday, September 29, 2006

One new project, spins, whips around and creates a few other idea and more project. Voila, life full of projects to complete, small goals to accomplish and the all-important completion high. I love being the master, the person that finished a project.

Big project never get finished it seems, however I have these little small projects.

Today’s Projects
1. Pillow, make a foam pillow to go with my new set of pillowcases, but a lot smaller. I want a pillow about the size of a sheet of paper or my laptop computer.

That is it, no use working, I am on permanent vacation. The project today was not completed; the man did not open his shop that sells the foam I need. I will re-up the project when I find a shop that seems to be open regularly or I sew myself.

Call Audible Project.
I accident-ed up on a project, I was in the Super-Marche here, looking at everything, trying to discover some new food to eat. I am very bored with the selection in West Africa. I happened up some vegetable seeds in the store; I do not, or have not seen seeds often for sale. Not saying you cannot use a bean sold to grow bean. However, seeds are sometime different. I was thinking about carrots the other day, I purchase four for one dollar. That is about one days work to eat some carrots if you are a local, of course they may have tripled the price. Nonetheless, I do not see many carrots sold here. I am seeing more String beans, however, the PIMA or too hot to eat peppers are king, and not much good for you in my mind.

I see the Carrot Seeds. I think, is that a one or a seven, the decision comes down to this, to be sure, I must buy. I thought it was a one, found out it was a 7, or 750 CFA, this about 1.50 US Dollars or about one and one-half days work here. Management of house does not seem to think this is a cost beneficial purpose, and who is used to eating carrots anyway.

I purchased the package of Carrot Seeds.

Tropica is the Brand name, so I am making progress. I am trying to collect existing names and addresses of company already selling or working in West Africa that could help Niger with malnutrition or all of Africa with the malnutrition problems.

Research in a store is difficult, I could take note, write down everything or I can just take some photos, enlarge them, and do it later.

This is the package, now I can zoom in on the package with my Paint Shop Pro program and copy the big, flip the baby and get it down on papers or in a photo.

Technisem 7 AV. Dd Gariguano. 91601 Savigny Sur Orge. France

I made larger, now I can read the directions. I also can do all sorts of filing away in folders for later if I wish.

Technisem 7 AV. Dd Gariguano. 91601 Savigny Sur Orge. France….

This is now collect by me, and I can file away with other photos I have collected. I am somewhat obsessing on the word,
- Sustainable -

I see Sustainable Research needed research on these social issues that is profitable, does not need paid for by the public.

Daily While Traveling Projects

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