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Countries User Friendly Rating

2006-10-30 03:52:00

Countries User Friendly Rating
Niamey, Niger, West Africa
Thursday, October 12, 2006

I got way off on the angry tangent of how Niger makes life difficult.

- A system that is easy to learn and easy to use. This term has been so abused that many vendors are reluctant to use it. -
Quoted from - Computer Desktop Encyclopedia of website:

I am trying to discover or make up backpacker travel jargon. Sometimes, I catch myself in discussions with other travelers and I just naturally say a great term.

I have invested. 5 hours into my computer today.
I have invested 4 hours into trying to get information on Visa today.

They were somewhat together, however overall, I have worked from 6:00 am to 2:20 PM and support needed to work on my computer, blog, travel and get visa.

RATIOS - Time Enjoying and Time Working to be there.

There are percentages of time, or rations of time needed to visit a country. Some countries you can just enter, spend 90 percent of your time enjoying the country.

Example: I spend about 15 minutes in the process of getting a visa stamp to enter Thailand. For the country of Niger, I spent about four hours. This means Niger is about 15 times more difficult to enter than Thailand.

Getting a room, using the bank, transportation cost me about 15 times more work than in Thailand and cost about Three times the money than Thailand for the same quality of hotel, transport and / or even food, food is about Five times to Ten times more expensive than Thailand.

I hear, ask, and discuss countries with people who have already visited a country I have never entered. I realize, I am trying to figure out he user-friendly rating. What are the big problems, what are the impossible problems, and what is great?

It would be wonderful if I could just go to a web page, and know, this country is rated X, for tourist, it is 69 out of 311 on a continuum as how easy or difficult to travel.

Then break it down to Visas, Transportation, Reservation, Food, and Value for the Dollar.

This is not easy, the truth is, most people love the countries they visited, and have zero objectivity about the country. They think they can compare the country to the world.

Niger is safer than many countries, that I know, however it is insanely difficult to ask questions in, or about something.

They cannot read, and they are all behaving at the level of a fourth grader in the USA, and then are bullies, if you push, or do not accept their answer they can be indignant to the level of a Philippi no when you call him stupid. The try to bully you into accepting their answers, with no mental thought involves, rather like,
- Because my mother told me.. -
No logic, no thinking, the brain is one, but not running, amazing to watch and fun on some occasions amazing to watch full grown adults act like fourth graders.

Nevertheless, it is now at the bottom of the HUMAN development index or the HDI, and the development of the human here is last place, so what can I expect… hehehe. The average or mean level of development is the lowest in the world.

Countries User Friendly Rating