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Clay Tile Roofs

2006-10-09 02:02:00

Clay Tile Roofs
Bassila Benin West Africa
Saturday, September 23, 2006

The rain is making too much noise; the steel corrugated roof is like a tin pie panning being hit by children. This type of roof is causing more problems than help. It rust, noisy, it is not cool, and it does not look good after just a few years. The only thing good is it is quick and cheaper, I believe. It is waterproof and does not need maintenance for maybe 7-10 years, until it looks so ugly you wish you never had a tin roof. I find hard to believe that in hot climates people make home now that are greenhouses. Hmm, this is normally an apartment or hotel, not there home. The roof of choice is probably more of concrete ceiling with a steel or tin roof on top now.

Where are the tile roofs, the round tiles that are everywhere on the planet. They have the clay; however, I do not think they bake the bricks. There probably is too much clay, they can replace a wall cheaper after it washes away than if they pay to get baked bricks. Not important, cement is sold everywhere here; the building material is dominating this part of West Africa or Benin. Cement is good, cook, hard, permanent, and flexible in a way.

The asbestos roof I like better than steel, at least it is heavy and quieter, cooler because it is rather a rock in substance.

Clay Tile Roofs