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Camping In Niamey Niger Hotel

2006-10-30 03:28:00

Camping In Niamey Niger Hotel
Niamey Niger West Africa
Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am camping in my air conditioned 11,000 CFA, 23 US over-priced on world values room. The room is excellent, the toilet is shared, but I am in an exclusive compound of the Germany rents this place continually for something DED program.

I was here last year, had to leave because of reservations, and thought I would see the level of busy in Niger for NGO’s. If easy to rent, then lower, if hard than higher. I think the number of NGO workers has increased while the number of white ones has decreased; therefore, the room is easy to rent. The locals do not get the nicer rooms; they live at home or maybe at the office.

I think the way you define yourself can help you prepare, I am constantly realizing that camping equipment is what I need, there are special toys for campers, some very ingenious, I often walk through Walmart and look at their stuff, trying to get ideas to copy. I do not like to buy unless I can buy anywhere in the world, this is a problem.

I am trying to clean my corn and rice pans after cooking, without leaving my room. I have a shared toilet, if I take the pan in their and anyone sees me they will know I am cooking. Cooking in room is normally forbidden even if they do not have the rule, they will not be happy with electrical use. Therefore, I do all my cooking in secret, hoping for rooms where the smell does not carry. I do no normally cook popcorn, but I have in some room.

Rice and Corn are low smell food, I need to cook one item foods, like when camping, to make a casserole of some vegetarian brains for nuts salad, it out of the question. The Hotel has a kitchen for the guest to use, however, I am on the opposite side and did not understand here explanation of the kitchen, and therefore I opened the one in my camp, in the room.

I have never been in the perfect room, I do not care how much I pay, and there is always a problem. Therefore, I collect all the necessary camping equipment that I use in the room, solving the small problems. I call this my travelers nest, making my nest.

Here is an interesting problem, I have an air-conditioned room, I needed to wash clothes in Zinder and made sure I rented a room with a good fan for drying cloths. The present room has both a fan and an air conditioner, this is great, I can also dry my clothe easier.

See, a perfect room to me, has AC and a fan, but not for the normal reason to have a fan. A great room would have hooks on the wall for my clothesline rope. Some in Mexico or Central America have loops in the walls for hammock, when you want to put an extra three persons in the room, you just hang hammock.

The light in a room is normally not good for reading; I usually use my light, even when one is supplied. My present room has a light, but I am using my own. It you get good, you can make negligible the problems of a room. Give me four walls, a light in the center, a bed, and I am probably good to go.

Camping In Niamey Niger Hotel