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Boukombe Benin

2006-10-27 04:25:00

Boukombe Benin
Boukoumbe Boukoumbe Benin
Monday, October 2, 2006

Man picked up a rock to throw at me in Boukombe, Benin

There is many NGO and ONG in Boukombe, Benin. I walked to the main crossroads from my Hotel Yatti across from the market on Sunday morning at about 8:30 in the morning.

I was asked for money more times in one hour than I was the how 7 days in Natitingou Benin.

Then coming back, a man that I collaborated with the French, by having two girls explain to Sara the Peace Corps girls what happened.

I was talking with these two girls, this man, I thought was drunk came up and started hollering. The two girls were nice, but I decided to let them off the hook and walk away. Later they said to Sara that and collaborated what I thought, he wanted a drink.

The drink this homemade brew, and even Sara promotes it, there is an extreme amount of drinking in Boukombe and this man followed me. He was maybe 55, and frail. He stops and pick up a rock. Now, I really wanted to beat him senseless, but be real.

He is older, he has a rock, I could take away the rock, but he will lose his pride. The guys a drunk, dangerous to travelers and tourist. I can buy my way out of the situation. He asked for 100, I gave him 500 as an insult, as if you are so cheap and stupid, I will give you too much. A good way to insult, he did not like this, but that was the goal.

He sits next to the Sobrebre beer depot or storage building and must drink all day. Sara said and translated what the two girls explained, as he wanted me to come and drink the sook or whatever.

I see the NGO as making this a NGO Disaster Area.

They sit around drinking and encouraging drinking, and the locals learn to ask for money. Sara asks me five times if I wanted to stop and drink some sook or whatever. I finally had to say to the Peace Corps girl, I am an Alcoholic, I do not care if mild or what, I do not drink.

Strange this girl has to wear a helmet to get on a moto taxi as a rule of Peace Corps, but can drink homemade moonshine; there was an instance recently in the news of many people dying of this.

I do not hang around in Buvettes in West Africa and recommend nobody hang around alone. Especially a woman, I believe the rape here is probably higher than anyone will admit.

Boukombe is a NGO or ONG disaster zone. The city should be off the list of anyone for years, until they stop asking for money. I on other hand know, nobody cares, they want to drink, and if they destroy a culture so what…

I go where I want and do, as I want. However, I am strong, six foot, and do not give to beggars. I on the other hand, have a limit; this was the second time in 10 years of travel where I can say the person was willing to do violence. Both were old men, the other was with me and Jeff in Ulam Bataar Mongolia, probably spelled wrong.

Drinking leads to violence and groups of African men can be very violent. Last night, to even further confirm the drinking problem in Boukombe a lady came stumbling into the restaurant bar of Chez Yatti where I live.

Africa is not big on being drunk; I do not think they can afford to drink. Nevertheless, when you make your own alcohol it becomes a problem. Sara of the Peace Corps is here to help promote tourism. It is humorous and somewhat ludicrous.

Boukombe Benin

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