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Boukombe Benin Hotel

Boukombe Benin Hotel
Boukombe or Boukoumbe Benin West Africa
Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chez Yatti
Pronounceded Chay Yattee
The real name may be Auberge Refuge.
10 Degrees 10.527 North
001 Degrees 06.567 East
That is GPS coordinates that leads back to the Chez.

Note, it is diagonally across from the typical Marche or Market that is on Sunday; however, the set up is always there. As you travel to Boukombe from Natitingou, as you enter the city well before you get to the main crossroad it is on your left, opposite the market.

2000 CFA Shared Bath and Toilet
I say I move hotels, I do not move cities. I am now in some made for backpackers, West Africa style, and no backpackers. No tourist, I think I am the only white person around, there is supposed to Laura from the Peace Corps in this village, have not seen her.

This may be the cheapest hotel I have encountered, however I have not tried to find the bottom. I am learning though, how to find the bottom or at least the best hotels for me. This one on road coming from Natitingou to Boukombe is ok, too far of walk to the city, however, I just cannot bear to pay 4000 for the Chez something and have them ignore until there is not tomorrow. I buy a home, a group, a people, a manager, I interview the family. Eloise the pregnant daughter is apathetic, but she is helpful, and better than an apathetic man. The decisive factor is here inside the compound is a Tata or Somba home mock up, and I can take some photos with little work.

I have a fan; they say 24-hour electricity, and a bucket of water, what more can I need.

Addendum: The place has been a real joy, I was able to enter the Tata and look around, although I was not able to take photos of the inside.

This is the outside, the owners may allow photos if you pay. I do not know, I did not push.

Sara and I set up a tour to go to the Tata and pay 2000 with the Chez Jacqueline, it never happened, and they to me just seem too apathetic to be considered dependable.

Eloise the girls in the Chez Tatti is 11 months pregnant, and is a delight, I tried my best to make her laugh, however they do not stick the smiles I made.

The whole family runs the Hotel and it seems to be all women and a few small boys, a pleasant place to associate, however the rooms are painted clay walls, and a good value in a 2000 CFA way.

Boukombe Benin Hotel