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Bohicon Benin

2006-10-03 01:33:00

Bohicon Benin
Bohicon Benin West Africa
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There is no maybe in Africa; a white man is supposed to know where he is going. I am amazed when a Taxi driver says, when I ask,
- Where is a hotel? -
And they say,
- Which Hotel? -

Why would be asking for a Hotel, when if I already knew a Hotel. The taxi driver was reveling in taking me long distance fast to nowhere fast. He thought he could make me pay for driving fast nowhere, he said 2000 and I gave him 1200 and told him to get lost in English, and he read my eyes. I am lucky I have not committed assault on taxi driver; it has come very close before.

Well, I went to the internet café first in Bohicon, and then the lady said it opened at 8:00 at night, the worst time on the planet to use the internet. I said to take me to the Market; I like to live close to market, always something to look at in the market. The Cove Market was one of the most interesting ones I have ever entered in all my travels. I do not think a White person ever goes there, like a virgin market, and huge, full of many food, and typical, no tourist to be sold to silly people stuff.

In Abomey, you could buy them, black, naked with very pointed boob wooden statues everywhere.

A tourist area could be noted, when you see these pointed type statues around. I do not see them outside in the rural areas. Only in the to be sold tourist areas. They can be very nice, great for decorating a home, however, I am sure no backpacker walking is buying them, however most have cars, and they are not backpackers. They are NGO or Volunteers, not travelers; they have the big money and the SUV. I do not call this typical, more of made to sell stuff.

I am in the Dako Hotel, I think that is how you spell it, I found the one after the taxi driver left that I asked for, not that it matters. They all are empty. However, there is a taxi stand just outside the hotel, many of them boys that spend 15 hours talking per day sitting waiting for 40 cents US to go to the Ville, about one kilometer away. I do not mind distance with the hotel if there is many motos just outside the door.

I am happy 8500 CFA and the room is nice, the staff is professional, I have not seen that in an of these motels, I am going to stop calling them Hotel, they are all like Motels. Set up for cars, everyone that goes to hotels in Africa seems to drive a car, except for me. Then again, I have only seen eight tourists in two months.
The Hotels seems to places to come do boom boom with your girl, take her in a Mercedes Benz to the Hotel and pay a lot, impress her and take her pants off after you get her drunk. The Provincial Hotel in Cove had a regular party every night, it was small annoyance, I was on the backside, and these rich people are not user friendly.

Bohicon Benin

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