Benin How Quick to Marry

Benin How Quick to Marry
Boukombe Benin West Africa
Sunday, October 1, 2006

A girl I barely know says she will marry me and leave tomorrow with me. Eloise is her, name, she is 11 months pregnant and I think 23 years old. Very pretty, intelligent and quick eyes, speaks good French and seems to be able to take care of herself.

I have not kissed, touched or sat with her alone; she is part of this big nuclear family here at the Chez Yatti.

There is a constant joking with Benin or West Africa mothers or girls. That always is something like,
- Marry me and take to America. -

The mother, the brother, the girl seems to have the last say in the matter. The mother wanted a yes or no, I was trying to be polite and say the girl had to ask. She say, Demaine partir.

Or something in French that means, tomorrow we leave. I sit, I looked in her eyes, I thought. I consider myself a professional negotiator; I have sold as many as 90 pieces of real estate in one year. I am good at reading people. She meant it, my gut says, she would leave with me tomorrow, almost sight unseen, knows very little of me other than what she senses and I sense. She is Somba I guess.

The thing here is truth has many layers in 90 percent of the planet; commitment and follow through are convoluted. Strange as it sounds, I do not think I could do business with an African; I most likely would shoot them, then back up and shoot them again. They are like a slow talking Mexican and not really up to speed. I on the other hand could make a deal for a wife in a few days, and I think the transaction would be good as gold, it would be very functional. A normal business deal would be with men, that are always a problem, I do not know, I think the women should and need to run Africa.

All this is conjecture, would she marry me, I could say yes and try, the problem is this is a very cruel test, I will not play with a person this way, joking, talking, but to bring it to real commitment levels and not marry her would be cruel. I am not sure the actual marry is needed; I think you can mate and that is done, and marry later.

Benin How Quick to Marry

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