Benin Africa Path Walking

Benin Africa Path Walking
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

There is a path, leading away from the city of Natitingou, Benin. I guess I felt it was there, but after I moved into the Auberge USA, I am now positive it was there. There is this mysterious thing that happens here in West Africa, I can be sitting, strolling, looking around, or on a taxi. A group of women, like a line of ducks, will slowly walk out of the brush. I often think,
- Where did they come from? -

More to the point, where do they go, if they return? There are paths in and out of somewhere, it is not obvious, and like a gaggle of geese, they flock together, as if they need protection from no being alone. I see them, I know they exist, I sense them, yet how do I follow them into a place, where maybe I do not know how to return. It is not obvious when one walks into a jungle, the bush, the brush, how to return, there are many paths that fork along the way.

Trek or Trekking
I do not like the sound of Trekking, reminds me of work, organized tours and why am I walking for hours looking at something I do not want to look at? I find I take long walks, strolls, mysterious trips and walks down streets, and places I do not know. I could call them hikes, I will not call it trekking, however I know I have and do walk many miles on too many occasions. The joy though is not in walking, the joy is in looking. I will look here, and there, I will look at anything that is interesting. I will walk forever to inspect how I think or surmise they are growing Bananas. A field of corn, an irrigation ditch, I guess irrigation is a toy I like to study. Innovation is amazing, it is a wonder how they make water go under road, or over road, or around road, yet continues to flow.

Benin Africa Path Walking

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