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Bassila to Djougou Benin

2006-10-09 02:11:00

Bassila to Djougou Benin
Bassila Benin West Africa
Saturday, September 23, 2006

I travel today, when the rain stops, the sun rises, and the people start to move, then I leave by over packed cattle car to Djougou Benin. One of them work hard to pronounce and learn so I can go there cities. It is in the guidebook, therefore probably has more hotels and I hope good internet to use, I want to publish my photos, and clean the computer of too much information. There is always the risk of losing 100-300 photos if I am not careful, I think at most right now with my standard of backups, the most I could lose is 50, I put all the photos on the thumb drive as best I remember, and then if the computer died, I still have them.

Djougou Benin, not sure what the guidebook says, not sure I care, however it is in the guidebook I know. The culture is the interesting thing to me about Africa, and the guidebook will talk about hiking or rock climbing. They will go to great efforts to tell where you can eat a pepper steak in a place that has zero restaurants. Cuisine and food, the food here sucks, a person has to work hard to find any food, but food is not a tourist attraction here, or should not be. I see the number one tourist attraction as leaning how people live here in Benin or West Africa; their way of life is wonderful, relaxing, easy, fun, and boring at the same time. I have many mysteries to explore; one large one is the cows dressed up like women that walk around in these long dresses. They are complete snobs, do not say hello, about as much value when not being milked as any cow. Walks around, waddles and looks slow.

What is up with these women, they are not the prime choice beef of the groups, they are the fat ones, yet they seem to be the ones with money. It is possible the perception of beauty is fatter than I would ever imagine. These cultural mysteries are never ending.

There are some unique white pantsuits the men wear; they look like someone trying to be a virgin. White, extreme white, what is up, this is a very difficult color where one drop of water, mixed with the clay soil will splatter and make red marks. It is going totally against the grain, actually so are long pants, but they seem to do that also. Fashion is ruing or taking over, the workers are practical, a girl working in the field will have just have a skirt, no top, and banging away at the soil. I do not see many people working, most are sitting, when I see the white outfit or the long dresses, I know there is no work being done.

This is the white clothing; I avoid them, walk on the other side of the street and look away. They seem to be abnormally elitist in nature. A person that feels they are better than others is dangerous. The superiority complexes give them the idea they can make decision for others. The police are normally like this, I do not feel bad about the Benin police, they seem ok, however, as a rule of thumb, and I will do anything to avoid police in any country on the planet.

The cow rode in the front seat with me from Bohicon to Savalou. She did not acknowledge me, did not do anything but pout. I had the outside and her 250-pound or more had to sit on the middle hump with the 4-speed shifter pushing her. I have learned a long time ago not to be a chump with these types, force them into the corral, and manage the herd. Everyone in the car was laughing, joking, and this person was above it all, I wanted to throw here out the wind or roll her out.
We stopped, a could of small girls pushed some baguettes in the window, she bought one, then proceeded to push the little girl into giving her so much better she could dip it. She took the butter and slowly, laboriously dipped pure margarine onto the bread. Ate it like a fondue, and go figure, the cow, she is a pig, no wonder.

There is this bulk of women, they cannot move, they waddle, they are taking over the landscape, the easy life is making too many fat people. I am hard pressed to eat enough to keep weight on, however I am trying hard to eat healthy, and I can eat bad, easy.

Last night, I ate my third Mayonnaise sandwich, they will take a big jar of Mayonnaise, and open a piece of long bread, looks like baguette, sometime is and spread with a spoon Mayo on the bread. This is an alternative to the soft spread, comes in a plastic bowl, or in quick to use foil bags. They use the butter, or mayo like a person would use peanut butter.

Peanut butter has too many calories, lots of fats, however has some protein. Mayo and Margarine is mostly fat I believe. The calories involved in a mayo or butter sandwich and the lack of healthy nutrients has made the dull cow that sat in my front seat.

I see the all-matching clothing from the fat feet to the fat upper and I avoid also, there is no warmth to be found.

Instincts, my instincts are very judgmental; they make harsh, quick, and safe decisions. I live by my instincts, if I am wrong, then I am wrong, but better to error being wrong and safe, then to allow one of these elitist to enter my world and hook me into a place I do not want to go. The world of the USA thinks of fair, before they think of real, the real world is not fair, it will take advantage when it has the opportunity, an American is a soft target, we offer fair to the other person and they take twice what is fair before we can stop them. I kept the cow in the middle, she did not want to share the seat, she wanted the whole seat, she would never be happy in a thug way.

Bassila to Djougou Benin