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Bassila Benin

2006-10-07 04:04:00

Bassila Benin
Bassila Benin West Africa
Friday, September 22, 2006

Pay 3500 CFA and travel from Savalou to Basilla Benin with zero problems; life was fast and furious today. I am amazed at the quality of the highways in West Africa; the main highways can be too modern to believe. They have speed limits, curve signs, and today I seen a children crossing. I rather thought the world thought children in the street were targets; here in Benin they are protecting them.

Bassila is moving toward Islamic in a nice way, the rougher Christian is leaving and the more devout Muslim is coming on, I still see religions as dangerous. I keep my eyes pealed in all countries for starry eyed, too much of too much thinking. The world needs to hug a little more and stop finding reason why we are different.

I am not sure how big Bassila is, I know it does not have an Internet Café or Cyber Café as they call them here. I am told the next city of Djougou does and I feel confident in the opinion.

The city has a circle or roundabout and this is becoming common in the Benin cities, then a small market. It is ok, the food selection is weak, and I think there are regional markets that serve areas on certain days of the week. I see many markets along the road.

A big exclamation mark and the word - Marche - that means Market, I have seen this in many cities we passed, and interesting how what a person could view as primitive, it in a modern way marked. The sign behind it pointing the directions toward the various choices of cities to go to next.

I am moving into the real of possibility of car travel her, or for me some type of camper home travel. I on the other hand to not like to lose contact with people. The roads are so good, well marked, and easy to maneuver, and I have seen very little corruption. I do suppose dropping off the bag of bread at the police station was buttering them up, but that is normal.

Bassila would be considered boring my many, I consider it intriguingly modern, and enigma, how can I go farther away from civilization, or a city, what we would think of as civilized, and find higher levels of development. It is as if some of the northern cities are way ahead of the south.

Bassila Benin