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2006-10-30 04:55:00

Grand Bassam Cote d’Ivoire West Africa
Friday, October 27, 2006

Information is Amorphous:
1. without shape: without any clear shape, form, or structure
2. not classifiable: not obviously belonging to any particular category or type

I make WebPages; they are supposed to be logical. People are annoyed, they want perfect navigation.

Well, life is not perfect…

I collect piles of information; I used to have huge folders in filing cabinets full of article, clipping, note on a subject.

Inside the folder, it would take hours to classify, categorize, and make a folder understandable. I needed specific categories.

Chicken and Egg
Structure or Information?

I want to collect information into databases.
- Malnutrition articles from the internet -
- All the borders crossings of the world -
I have 100’s of these…

Well, the malnutrition one has annoyed me; the problem is everyone wants a structure before I know one. I say, we have to discover all the categories, and they say tell me them. It is annoying; to get a person to collect information is taxing to the spirit.

We are making progress; I have finally convinced Andrew my techie from India that there is no way to know the categories until we collect a lot of information in a pile.

We now have a way to collect the Malnutrition information in a pile, I say pile because it is not organized, but there are enough guides to allow a person to enter information.

The value here is I am going to utilize 300 US Dollar a month workers in India or Bangladesh or some other cheap country. They are excited to enter data and make money; the problem is to give them a way, and a source of data. The internet will be our first, scouring the internet for Malnutrition tidbits and articles.

This is also self-funding, and sustainable, the idea is that there is never a reason to say, we ran out of money, totally feasible and self-funding research.

What does this have to do with travel, for me everything; I can research locations and collect abundant information completed with references to explain.

Planning a trip, you go out and collect a lot of information on the location. It is disorganized, and confusing, in the end, you buy a tour package because it is organized. I am going to unorganized places on the planet; I still need to be prepared.

Travel is Amorphous, true travelers, deal in a world without any clear shape, form, or structure. To wander into the unknown.