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Africa Research

2006-10-29 04:38:00

Africa Research
Zinder Niger West Africa
Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I am a researcher, I need to label myself a researcher, accept that I do research. Mentally it is easy to be lax and safe in comments if I some disclaim what I am.

For example, if I say I am not a journalist, then I can say all I type or write is opinions, not collaborated and be suspect, do not trust, it is my opinion only.

I on the other hand know, it is best to strive for perfection in the collection of facts, photos, or information. I strive to enter perfect information; I know I fail, however often only about 15-20 percent.

There is information that is easy to find, like the name of a park, the name of a museum or the names of hotels. I think I allow this information to be weak or bad because I want a person to know, they should not depend or use the information as their only source, they need a guidebook that is in the business of this, I am not a guide in this way.

I am a researcher.

I say this in seriousness; I try to collect information by way of scientific methods.

BEGIN Quotes from Encyclopedia Encarta
SCIENTIFIC METHOD - Definitions of scientific method use such concepts as objectivity of approach to and acceptability of the results of scientific study. Objectivity indicates the attempt to observe things as they are, without falsifying observations to accord with some preconceived worldview. -

PROCESS OF SCIENTIFIC METHOD - (1) they make detailed observations about objects or processes, either as they occur in nature or as they take place during experiments; (2) they collect and analyze the information observed; and (3) they formulate a hypothesis that explains the behavior of the phenomena observed. -

END Quotes from Encyclopedia Encarta

I proactively search for and take photos of specific topics, for example, I will usually take photos showing the pubic water and sewer systems of a country, city or state.

Transportation photos, I take photos of every type of transportation as best I can, it is difficult, you may see the vehicle only one time, and not photograph it, travel to the next city and never see it again. This type of photos demands that I have my camera on me 100 percent of the time.
I have my pet project, one is malnutrition.

- The one and a half wit is often considered a half-wit because we only understand one-third his wit. -

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)
U.S. writer.
Walden, or, Life in the Woods
------I will misquote, cannot find the exact quote offline. -----


A website is inherently the publish information collected. A great website like About.com or Wikipedia.org strive to be the guru on topics or many subjects.


HoboTraveler.com strives to be the Guru of Travel, sometimes it say as the gentle opinions on the art of travel. It is not a science, one test does not always work in the next test, cultures change and what works does not apply in the next.

Inductive logic is my forum.

We often believe there are student, professors and researcher traveling everywhere on the planet to do research. I have met a few persons, normally about age 20-25 that say they are doing research. I do sometimes see a station or location where there is an office for research.

It is very easy to label yourself a researcher, especially if your observations, theories, collected data is extremely difficult, or expensive to test or replicate.

I personally feel and see very few researchers traveling the planet, if they do, it is for less than one to three month trips, barely time to get a good fungus growing, and then you need to be stupid.


I am dwelling on this issue; I see that I am uniquely qualified to teach a scientist how to collect information fast, efficient, and effective. However, more important than this, is the ability to not lose or forget information whereby they are tempted to fudge or falsify information.

I have readers complain sometimes about a deluge of photos on some subjects that bore them. I know, because many write me, that there are people sometime looking on my pages as sources of information for research. Therefore the more the better, I know that as many perceptions and observations as possible insures the best ability to analyze.

I have experiences the problems of collecting information, photos, data, and facts on subjects or topic now for about 10 years. I do not know anyone on the planet who has moved from place to place-collecting information like this personally. I think James Michener the writer did this, and he probably did without a computer, so amazing to me.


Taking notes, and then transforming them into a written document, a publish work is fraught with incredible problems. If a person who is afraid all the time of Africa is doing research, it become apparent they did terrible research in their heightened state of fear for themselves. The more common problem is they spend 90 percent of their day in the process of trying to do their creature comforts, whereby they cannot focus on the research.

I believe the only accurate research done in primitive areas is done when the person or group does all the work in the field, including the writing of the documents, at least up to the next to final drafts.

The reason is this, notes are difficult, the memory fades, observations become foggy. The need for immediate transformation of the information from notes to written, cogent explanations, take from abstract notes to more clear concepts is necessary.


Effectiveness of research while working on a project whereby a person lives aboard is about the organizational skills of the person.

Perceptions of what a person does in interesting, I talked with great length with a professor about the idea of research. He more or less said I was not a graduate student; therefore, I was not able to do research. I think his premise was that a person needs to take classes to be trained in scientific method, to learn how to apply and use scientific methods.

I was laughing and said, you are saying a 20 years person with almost zero life experiences can be more organized than me? I have 30 years of work, trying to learn better organizational skills. In addition, I have learned too many times; the real learning that has happened in my life was not when a teacher gave me a lecture. It was me the student, focusing and applying myself to read, study, learn, apply and remember the textbooks or literature. The teacher is great for clarification when the written documents are unclear to me.

I look to Professors for quick starts on subjects; I want them to outline the best references sources on a subject. This is not very applicable, however when I get near a photographer, I ask them how they learn, what they study, how they developed their skills. I can find a professional photographer quicker while traveling than I can find and over 40 Professor Researcher. I am looking for skill sets better than mine, not just knowing the words and phrases, and however applying them in real life.

I am doing better on this, I am finding in the USA the professors that go overseas to do research, I am starting to track them, and I will fly to their locations in the future. I want to learn from the best, not the one on the USA or wherever who is talking about a place they have never seen, negligent in my belief.

Self-Sustainable Research
I have a research project I am working on, that is self-funding, data collection and analization system that should be 50-100 times more thorough than any one-man team. Because it is self-funding, I believe I can put almost unlimited numbers of data collection or miners onto a topic.

The typing in of content into a page, striving for perfection, while in the field, accurate and extremely thorough is the goal of a travel page. This also the goal of research in a general way.

I should be able to take about any topic, in this case, say I will apply it to the topic of Malnutrition, I will create the systems for collections, then assign workers, and as hard as it is to believe, I cannot believe anyone would say, however a person ask me, or said,
- You have to check the data…? -


I think a person that says this, knows this is their weakness; I personally spend my life trying to find ways to quickly check data. The problem I have is I can collect information ten times faster than I can personally enter. Therefore, this is my need, to have person assist me, some man in Zinder, Niger, the last country on the list, the HDI, Human Development Index by the United Nations, the worst, the winner of the infamous designation. The worst developed nation on the planet.

To blog accurately, correctly, I need a team of researcher. I laugh when a person says to do this and that. Yes, correct, if I had 100 lives I would be able to know all the ethnic groups of Benin, label, and categorize and all my pictures would be label closer to correct.

Many of these people take ten photos and label them correct, I have taken 700 in the last 3 weeks, and it is onerous to say the least. I need researchers and easy also to say, but what is the problem is money.

The money runs out, the research ends before completed to a level of acceptable standards. I know they make up information and close out, because of time and money.

This is the two variables I am attacking how to apply humans to the task whereby the money never ends, and there is an unlimited amount of persons who can add time to the work. 99 percent of data collection is perspiration and only about 1 percent is insightful analysis.

Africa Research

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