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Africa Effective Time Management

2006-10-29 03:37:00

Africa Effective Time Management
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

I was a business person in the USA, I had many employees in my life, having six of them being paid 10-20 dollars per hour sitting around talking for one half hour would cost me about 40 US, dollars.

If I paid myself say 20 dollars per hour, it cost me I would have to pay myself 40 dollars per day to go to the internet café.


1. producing a result: causing a result, especially the desired or intended result
an effective remedy for headaches
2. having a striking result: successful, especially in producing a strong or favorable impression on people
The painting had the characteristics of a winner, including effective color use.

1. well-organized: performing tasks in an organized and capable way
2. able to function without waste: able to function well or achieve a desired result without waste
an efficient use of fuel
3. philosophy acting directly to produce an effect: acting directly to bring something into being or produce changes in it
efficient cause.

I have watch people travel outside their home country for 10 years; they are very good at moving from place to place and going to tourist attractions. They will sacrifice the shower, clean clothes, often even a good bed for the goal of going from place to place and seeing tourist attractions.

They will work very hard for 2 months and go home to show the photos, this is huge sacrifice and painful, not my idea of fun and I do not do this.

I presently have only five shirts, this is huge problem in place where I can make 2 of them stink per day. I must continually wash my clothes and dry them, the hard part is drying. I wish to go back up to the normal ten; however, I cannot find acceptable shirts to buy. Therefore, I must very effectively wash clothes.

The normal traveler method is to NOT wash their clothes and wear the clothes until the stink worst than the locals. When easy to wash, they wash, not being effective, but opting for easy. If you get some cultures, they will be very big pigs.


I was told by a moto taxi he would pick me up at 6:00 so I could catch a car to Natitingou easy. I told Sara of the Peace Corps this and she looked at me astounded.
- You are leaving at six. -

Translated, you will wake up that early and you will do this. I did not see waking at 4:00 or leaving at five, or 6:00 as a problem. If it is the effective use of time, then why not.
I have never been close to Peace Corps persons, I do know they sometimes will go the same party city every weekend, and live and return to the village during the week. I saw this in Managua Nicaragua as they came in big groups to the hotel. Peace Corps is always having a meeting.

I do see Peace Corps as being effective, not because they are effective or efficient people, because they have to commit to two years in one place. Hard to spend two years and not do something, although really I do not care if they do anything. I think what happens is they become two years educated about Benin and can return, the best of the best can work for the US Government and advise on Benin. What they do in Benin to me is not important; one person cannot normally change a village. UNLESS…

He or She is a highly effective person.

Effectiveness comes or learning to be efficient is learned or can be learned by need. Peace Corps and NGO have no need to produce, nobody is looking over their shoulder, they have every excuse on the planet on why they did nothing and I think they use it.

I try to communicate with people in the USA on a regular basis, the problem is NOT on my end, and the problem is with the lack of effectiveness of the people in the USA. I need highly effective people in the USA to deal with or full time workers sitting waiting for me write.

Kevin Sites I understand has a team of three people in the USA as support staff so he can get the story done.

My goal is to do the same as Kevin Sites, with normal toys, and not having three workers working days. Then I wish to take my skills, simplify them, put them in a box, packaged and easy, and allow others to do the same, effectively and not have to know how it works, just that it works

I could go into detail right now, about how the Peace Corps works or does not work. It is a good organization, it accomplishes my wanted goal. I do not think it accomplishes the goals they may list, but they do my goal so I support them. I see almost zero, maybe Red Cross accomplish goal as big organizations.

I would not care how much money NGO’s spent and could care less if some stupid person in the USA donates thousands of dollars to a worthless NGO to do nothing.

Except, they are hurting Africa, and probably more than they are helping. I am praying and hoping Bill Gates, with an extra amount of help from Warren Buffet, two highly effective people will change Africa.

I was called and Idealist by Sara the Peace Corps person, for coming up with what I thought was a very simple thing to do in Africa. She saw it as impossible, I am thinking about doing it in my part time. She is devoting two years of her life and could do it with no problem; however, she is not idealistic enough to even try.

West Africa is really in great shape, they have all the natural resources and the can do most anything they wish. The essential problem is the leadership is corrupt, greedy and violent. If they were not violent, the other problems would not stop investment.

As I see myself as a highly effective person, I then ask daily and myself continually. How could I do X here? This is the socialization I receive here in Africa; there is no socialization on how to become a tourist and to take photos. Anything I read, hear or see is about how to be an NGO or ONG, volunteer or in the end, how be a highly ineffective volunteer in Africa.

Effectiveness is not easy, it take brains, not money. Nevertheless, an overwhelming amount of people and money like the US military can change the world. NGO need to go fish, take a card.

I collect large amounts of what may be called Cultural data or information. People are increasingly starting to request photos and information on subjects. I am in Africa; they are studying Africa, and want this photo or this information collected. Of they want to use these photos in their presentation and want permission.

Films are much better at telling a story than photos, I am go through a market every day, I would like to film this market safely and easy. I am trying to find a way to film it without changing it.

Culture, you point a camera and the culture changes. The topless women smiles and arranges her clothes. The person banging away at the food stops.

Effectiveness, I have a small need, not a big need. I am not going to make a lot of money if I film the market. It is going to cost me more money than I make. I mostly would do so I can show my family, friends, mother and father.

I have studied this, thought about, and dwelled for a few years. I now know I have the backup hardware, the computer, the storage, the ability to send it to the USA. This has only been possible in the last year or two. Gigs of memory are cheaper.

I have devoted the time, now the cost is becoming feasible as GIGS of memory become cheaper.

Effective filming
How to film and environment that is dangerous, or highly offensive to the people, and if I tell them, the whole cultural experience is change and what I films becomes a culturally inaccurate representation. It needs filmed natural and effective.

I am studying how to effectively do this; I study how to be an effective person in Africa, as it is a great place to get nothing done… hehehe

I need a pair of glasses with a camera inside, a button that I can press easily that I can put in my hand and start and stop. I think the lens would attach to the glasses and the actual recording device would be in a backpack. I dream a lot about toys.

Africa Effective Time Management

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