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Advice Without the Price

2006-10-30 05:04:00

Advice Without the Price
Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire West Africa
Sunday, October 29, 2006

Advice without the Price…
Is not Travel Advice.

It is an opinion, not of value, has little importance in my world. I am beset with advice from readers that tell me where to go and what to do, but do not explain the price.

Go to this Hotel, it it is wonderful!
- I hope so; it cost 150 US dollars per night, duh. -

Go to this country.
- I would, but the plane ticket to the country is 2000 US Dollars. -
The write back, and tell me the cheap way in, but this is needed in step one, in the first Advice.

Abidjan to Bangkok, flight is 1350 US Dollars one-way.

I told this, I said what I paid; I expose myself to the idiots of the planet… This is the problem, people are afraid to hear the idiots of the planet pipe up and say,

- Andy, you could have got the ticket with so and so for 700 US Dollars -

I hope they post a comment, I expose myself on purpose, I know there is a better cheaper way to travel between Abidjan and Bangkok, or Asia in general.

I have the self-esteem, I know I made a good decision, nevertheless, I also know there is always a better way, there is always rooms for improvement.

People delight in telling how they are smarter than you or it, me is an interesting thing about people, the need for the power to say,
- I was smarter than you… -

Reminds me of grade school, you are stupid, you are stupid, like some phase the person never grew out of, however, it is painful to receive nasty and insulting letters, and I understand why people do not say price.

On the other hand, let us be adults, everyone is searching for a good deal and everyone seems to keep his or her mouths shut. I know that often it is a horrible deal and they know it, but they love the place. This is good, loving a place is the idea of travel, and we should go to places we love.

Advice Without the Price

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