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Abomey Benin

2006-10-03 01:21:00

Abomey Benin
Bohicon Benin West Africa
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In a black and white world, on-off, yes or no situation, I almost made huge isolation blunder in Abomey, Benin. There is this Hotel Monique, very nice, posh, about 20 words of English, many naked girl statues made or wood and totally westernized ready for tourist. I keep asking, trying to find people, the man said, full, but it was empty. I keep pushing this one man in one the made for Africa all White Dress and pants jobbies. I never trust these guys, and for sure this time I was correct. I ask, can I walk to the Internet, and he said,
- Yes, no problem. -

I decided to check where the internet was before I rented another tourist motel room, this room needs a car. Well, it is over two kilometers away or less, hehehe, I really do not need to spend my life walking I nice areas of Africa. The road to the internet was for sure of almost zero interest, and I am lost why the guidebook recommends this city. It is touristy, has massage, NGO this, save that, nothing but something not Africa, then the place is dirty, Africa is surprising clean to me, and this place was cluttered.

I wanted to return to Cove, there are two hotels there, I could take a car in to Bohicon for 800 Fran, and it cost me 200 just to go from my hotel now to the internet.

I then went to the Latte or something, and then to the Josie, all were walk 500 meters and get a Moto or Zim when you do not need one. I get excessively much exercise to need to just walk for the hell of it one kilometer. I walk or wonder around everywhere, I do not want to work to go do work, I want life to be simple, I want my hotel simple.

I took a Moto back for another 600 Fran from Abomey to Bohicon, if I did not need to use the internet I would went north and forgot both these not so nice cultural places. Africa is wonderful; the cities are not, however, I do not like any city.

Maybe Manila, but they have Nescafe Ice.

Abomey Benin

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