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Abidjan to Bangkok

2006-10-30 04:59:00

Abidjan to Bangkok
Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire West Africa
Saturday, October 28, 2006

680,000 CFA one-way and about 700,000 round trips.
1340 USA Dollars one-way for flight from Abidjan to Bangkok, Thailand.

I traveled today from Grand Bassam to Abidjan, leaving at 7:15 AM in the morning and arrived back at the Africa Dream Hotel in the Grand Bassam at 12:25 PM.

The most I ever paid for a plane ticket in my life, a new record. For sure to travel to Africa it is best to buy a round trip ticket and have your exit strategy very clear. It is amazingly expensive to fly inside of Africa and to fly outside of Africa.

Emirates Airlines is about 680,000 CFA
Ethiopia or Kenya Airlines fly for around 1100 US dollars, but then you need to spend one night either in Ethiopia or Kenya, being that I am not so healthy, I wish to get to Thailand and cheap hotels, the cost will be easily made up living in a Hotel for five dollars per night. I leave on Tuesday and about 20 hours of flight, I guess.

To travel from Bassam to Abidjan is an experience, I have to first walk to the road, catch a group taxi to the centre or Marche, I then hop in a Peugeot Station wagon and hope if fills, the guy drives to Abidjan for 500 CFA, about one dollar US. Once I arrive at the end, when he will go no further, I get out and try to explain to Taxi. I wanted to go first to Emirates office, the man spent one half hour trying to find it, asking, I finally ask myself and found the address in a Tiama Hotel or something. I stop; they say it opens at 8:00, then waiting, they say 8:30, the finally waiting more they say 9:00. They just guess, this is the problem, nobody every knows anything. I get in the office and check.

The taxi driver literally walked around for one-half hour trying to get change for me, from my 5000 CFA note, for the taxi. This is about 10 US dollars, and amazing how no change is possible, I get so tired of everyone just working, but not able to give change.

I cannot believe it but the price is actually 1340 Dollars one way to Bangkok from Abidjan.

I go to the Novotel building and Catran Tours where I have already reserved a ticket, the French man in the hotel knew this lady. I just went to Emirates to be sure the price was right. I pay for the ticket, big piles of CFA and long time counting. I had spent about one-hour in the room counting, recounting, and putting in a plastic bag.

Abidjan to Bangkok

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