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Abidjan Ivory Coast

2006-10-30 04:44:00

Abidjan Ivory Coast
Abidjan Ivory Coast West Africa
Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Maybe I reenter the normal world, I have been in this delusional, must 100 prioritize, keep safe status for around eight days. I actually think it is possible to go to the internet café today. I am on familiar ground, I know the local transportation system, and therefore, I can move around easy.

I must have lost 5-10 pounds, as I have not eaten, only sparse, today I go for bananas, apples, or something cold, maybe I can find ice cream.

I should tell this story, but it feels like remembering a nightmare, hard to want to focus. The bottom line is I was so delusional that I would believe I was working on my computer for hours, yet the computer was in a bag. Somehow, in the middle of this, I need to cry for sanity, then apply for visas, and buy plane tickets. Then I returned to delusional world inside my room, which was also nuts.

Abidjan Ivory Coast