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330 430 530 Prayer

2006-10-10 01:51:00

330 430 530 Prayer
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Loudspeaker systems, the pollution of the modern world, I am in the middle of church, the protestant minister is hollering brimstone and hell, I am young, I want to know why he is turning red. The Auberge Centrale is located behind a Mosque, the Mosque for some reason is intent on keeping the whole area awake. It started at 3:30 and is on continuing, I am confused, never experienced this level. Cairo Egypt has some record breaker below my hotel, but this is making that look weak. They volume there was like a boom box in the middle of funeral home, but it was soon shut off, this one never ends, it continues the whole day, just when I relax, it starts again, like a never ending game of I feel guilty, what did I forget to do.

That does it, I am moving if for only one night, the hotel is nice, good location, the noise is too much, but they do not have water, the problem is they do not carry water to the tub, the lazy dog mentality is rampant, I do not want to be the noisy wheel, I want to just expect the minimums. This places is falling short, I will move behind the market, to the dodgy, hard to put my finger on, however typical, in an up the stairs, some girl will be there way. Nonetheless, I know I will for sure, 100 percent is immersed in the culture of Africa, I paid the big dime to come here, and I am going to be experienced in Africa. I do not even know the name of the hotel, all the choices have a bar section in the middle, with someone sitting drinking a bottle.

Time to get packed, 5:47 AM, I must go to the internet at 8:00, I have a need for speed, I hear it has some speed between 8 and 10, I have already noticed this in West Africa, I have to be the first one there. Drudgery, I will pack, load up, have it waiting, then leave, come back and move, not a good system, not secure, no option is secure.

330 430 530 Prayer