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Writing Africa Guidebooks

2006-09-14 03:24:00

Writing Africa Guidebooks
Ouidah Benin
Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bleeding hearts, silly, well-intended people are killing the planet.

Eco-tourism causes ten times more ecological problems than it helps, it is the major joke of the planet, a totally misguide and abused part of tourism.

Eco-tourism is supposed to be an alternative provide to the locals, which will allow them to make money, as an alternative to doing ecologically harmful farming, killing of animal, or what not.

Example: Slash and burn farming technique, a farm stops this, however helps show tourist the bush, or jungle.

Example: Stop eating the Crocodiles or Monkeys and show tourist, then they have money to buy Chicken mass-produced.

None of this works even close to the way it is thought about or maybe hoped to work. None of the locals make the money, there is not enough jobs generated, only in big camera safari, stopping the guns is maybe a real dent made.

I want to go into small villages and live, or visit, browse around and look at Africa. I am presently donating large sums of money to the rich get richer fund of Africa as I pay too much money to live in Hotel in Africa owned by people that are getting rich off the poor.

Home Stay
Living with a Host Family

Most of this about living with a well to do family that has an extra room, it is barely going down to grassroots to the clueless, and I need money group.

Camping for some reason seems big in West Africa, makes me nervous, but must be safe enough or there would not be signs all around, I suppose this is the overflow, if no rooms, then camping.

I have poncho to use as tent, mosquito net, etc, but I do not want to camp, I like a roof, or hammock under a roof.

A good guidebook written would or could guide people into how to help Africa and stop destroying Africa. The guidebooks presently written are sparse, not enough to really understand how to travel. One-country orientated on a Continent where you need at least three to four countries to even make a small tour. The cost of flying into Africa is severe, harsh and will stop only the most willing to pay for the experience person. Anywhere but here is cheaper for a backpacker, except for Europe and America, Australia, New Zealand, the rich countries, the opposite of the 80 percent of the planet.

Safe, is Africa safe enough for the young backpackers?

Killing, being killed? Hmm, not much knowledge on how to be killed, most of the Tourist deaths I know of happen by motorcycle accidents or car accidents. Many Rapes in Mexico and Central America.

The bottom line is this, if a country stays safe enough for long enough, about three year’s tourism increases. They are going to come, a guidebook written with only safe-Africa, help-Africa mentality could really change Africa.

LP is doing well, but the writers are still just Volunteers or hanger ons, many good people, however not die-hard will not make a beggar; do anything to stay in budget backpacker traveler. They lean more towards the rich tourist, go on Safari, look at animal’s bunch, and stay away from people bunch.

Tourists are a very selfish bunch, they must see the sites, they must have their bars, and they must have the party. They do not sacrifice to travel; they pay whatever is needed to see the sites. Say they were there, have S E X with the locals and leave, volunteer to say to themselves, I am good person.

I think I have seen some guides about responsible travel, however I do not remember where, or who wrote. The LP always is thinking along this path, but too many guides and too many writers and all of them have a different idea, the focus is filtered through the tourist lens. The selfish we are writing about how to go and take the cream off the top, live as nice as possible, no pain, and travel.

Writing Africa Guidebooks