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Why Malnutrition in Niger

2006-09-14 03:08:00

Why Malnutrition in Niger
Ouidah Benin
Monday, September 11, 2006

I asked the leader of the Doctors without Borders person from Morocco, however working on one of the five teams in Africa, this one from Switzerland why there was malnutrition crisis in Niger.

He explained or said they hire anthropologist to explain.

The explanation was,
- The Islamic faith allow for multiple wives, when there is a shortage of food, the man then gives the food to the favorite wife and the not-favorite wife suffers. -

I truly believe the children have taken over the world. A study is done, a group of professors to into the bush, stay for two day, extract their past knowledge, create a theory, and then call it fact.

The explanation has over the year since I left Niger become more stupid or lacking in any validity than any idea I have heard. Only a rich man has two or more wives, not common to have many wives, really the 50/50 percentage of males to women makes this difficult. The women also control the food crops, harvest the crops, do the work, it would be hard to keep them from eating. However, sounds like something a professor would extract from his already known, not observed ideas on the culture.

A World Vision Man told another to me, he said,
- The crop is only 15 percent short this year, and amazing how much harm only 15 percent, reduction in food production can do. -

Niger has Millet, it is huge cash crop, they grow Millet in abundance in Niger, and however it is then exported out of the country. There is not a shortage of Millet to eat as best I can tell, however I do think who owns and controls the Millet is causing problems. A cash crop is great if a person that tends the cash crop earns enough money to buy many types of vegetables and food groups. However, if they only get to eat the Millet, the actual money is negligible, then the rich get richer and the poor has no money to buy foods in multiple variety.

There is no money; therefore, Benin and Nigeria do not ship to Niger.

Cash crops seem to have dominated Niger, the land is flat, easy to cultivate large crops like Millet, the weed do not overtake the land as much, not as much water.

Why Malnutrition in Niger

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