West Africa Land of Opportunity

West Africa Land of Opportunity
Lome Togo

I was replying to a reader, and realized I said this,

- there are specific aspect where it is very good in Africa; the quality of life is very good here. Open space, freedom, land ownership, opportunities galore, the problem lies in a culture that is not motivated.-

The Lebanese have and the French have came to Africa and started Hotels, Restaurants and some stores.

The salary or wages of labor in West Africa seems to be double of the rest of the planet. Then they sell everything for double the cost. The cost of food here is staggering, I cannot believe they want so much for food, it is terrible, the normal person here has no money, then you have the rapist who have all the money, a have and have not society, a huge difference between money classes.

A whole broiled Chicken can be purchased on Khao San Road for about 1.50 U.S. dollars; here the price is 8 U.S. dollars, if you can find a place to buy one.

Hmm, I may be wrong, I can buy Fried Rice with a piece of chicken for one Dollar, this is double the price in most of the world, but the chicken is not so expensive with the rice.

There is a problem here, I cannot get my finger, or mind on the problem, I think it is a marketing perception perpetuated by the stores and restaurants.

I think one problems is the sit around and drink culture of colonist, or for sure the French, in Ho Chi Minh city - Saigon Vietnam, everyone sits on the street and looks at people, pays way to much for a beer and looks. They do the same in France.

In France, a McDonalds is on every corner, I have never seen as many McDonalds as in Paris, it is the center of McDonalds. I went to McDonalds in Paris, it is the only place where you can eat fast and pay a more or less good value for your money. All the other shops are working in harmony to gouge the clients.

The Galion here, the hotel I am in, it has real gouge prices at the restaurant, the staff thinks I am cheap, that I will not pay the money, and they are right. I refuse to pay 10 times the going world rate for a meal, with the ambience and environment of a bunch of alcoholic smoking French men, and a group of fat W h o r e s.

Last night was Saturday, the great TV room and a big plus for this place was full of 5 girls, there is only 6 seats, the hung around, bought no drinks, and waited, seeing if any possible Johns, then they took off later. Aagh, the economy is normally good, when the girls are so ugly.

Good service in McDonalds and the economy is bad.
Old, slow, and slow workers in McDonalds and the economy is great, all the good workers have a good job.

Yep, West Africa is a land of opportunities; I think the labor is very cheap if you went just outside the city where people are not all convinced they should be like the rich. Then there needs to be a different culture than the French.

On CNN it said,
- French Unemployment goes below 9 percent…-

Nine and over un-employment in France is normal, and some have said much higher in reality.

England has everyone working, less than what 30 miles away, and the unemployment rate is about five.

The French are not good mass employers, they are better at making the rich get rich, and the poor getting poorer. The somehow convince everyone to be very in love with France, and then have no job, no money, but they are convinced it is great.

The have not brought prosperity to their colonies.

A business in Togo, Ghana, and Ivory Coast for the people to start. There are these small kiosk chain food stands in the Philippines, some crazy names like Burger Mania.

There is Fried Rice Kiosk and other small Kiosk buildings in Ghana, but not what I can obviously see as chain restaurants. The business of selling and making the kiosk is big in Ghana.

Hmm, Aflao has many, I have not seen any in Lome, but I am not in the business district, I am in an extremely empty tourist zone.

A chain of pizza stands, or chicken to go.

Any chain would have to also grow their own food, chickens, or what not as nobody seems to be doing this.

West Africa Land of Opportunity