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West Africa Good and Bad

2006-09-26 02:35:00

West Africa Good and Bad
Porto Novo, Benin West Africa
Saturday, September 16, 2006

I like Africa overall, there is many more enjoyable moments in a day than negative. The intensity of the bad moment often outweighs the 90 percent good days, especially in what I blog. Life is easier if I just type in what I am thinking, type the internet moments, the confusing times, the information that made me feel.

I am debating whether to stay or leave Porto Novo. I am 75 percent for leaving now, mainly because of the lack of manageability of the city. I am spending too much time searching for internet access, not really; however it has been years since I had trouble asking and finding internet. The combination of lack of world knowledge, not being able to read or write makes it more difficult. I can only find information by talking. Generally the Motos are helpful if I can say the word, or I can speak French, however my French is very weak, in reality their French is very weak also, and it just is a mess.

If I walk, go slow; do not move fast, life is easier; however, it can be also be boring.

There is on an average three times per day when people are very disrespectful. I try to evaluate, self inspect, introspect, analyze, thinkā€¦

I try to empathize with why they are disrespectful. It is not easy to figure out a person motivation.

They are pushy, will just bluntly ask in an intimidating way for money.

It is probably frightening to the average traveler, tourist who is not sure of themselves, and gives them always the benefit of the doubt. I have been traveling too long, I know intimidation when I feel it, and I know situations that are problems. I do not just buy drinks for jerks to make them happy, I do not give money to beggars to make them happy, and I do not pay my way to happiness.

There are so many good things in a day, it is hard for me to sadly know the one jerk can ruin the whole day.

West Africa Good and Bad

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