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Voodoo Stealing Testicles

Voodoo Stealing Testicles
Lome Togo

Nothing in life becomes stranger or more complicated dysfunctionally stupid than listening to a person explain, or lack of explaining a story.

There is a man, he just finished the Peace Corp, I think he was in Benin and not Togo, nonetheless, he is in the Galion Hotel, he has completed his two years. He is Mike, I think, lives in Chicago, and will do some convoluted trip into Ghana, up to Burkina Faso, to Mali, then nor sure…

Ok, well, I was drilling the type A personality about Religions of Benin, he is pretty knowledgeable, however the person asking me is always the person controlling the conversation. Well, he is talking about the rations, Islam, Christian and Voodoo or Animalism whatever. I am only wanting to know for my level of enjoyable conversations, and where I can avoid or enter for what.

He said there was a rash of stealing testicle. I am taking him, he is American as the statement. He says that one boy blamed a women for stealing his testicles and in a moment a group came up and almost or did kill the women. I said, or asked,
- How did she steal his Testicle. -
He says,
- Grueal,-
Or something and says,
- Voodoo -

I said,
- It is pretty easy to check to see if a person has their testicles. -

He say or alludes to the Voodoo, I am getting this idea, the brain is not able to separate the levels or reality. Testicles or no testicles, that is the question. To associate is to be true. Is to say, he believes in Voodoo.

Now, there is a bleeding, or acceptance of one culture, over your own culture that is natural. A person normally starts to be socialized, and begins to accept some of the superstitions of the country or culture.

I personally will tempt fate, walk under a latter, look for black cats, and all the other crap I hear. I sort of figure, if it is true, then let us get to it. May as well help, rather than avoid superstition.

I think Horror movies is stupid, I never believed in Santa, or the Tooth Fairy, but this man from Peace Corps bring a Fetish out of his pocket. It is to help him win some Fantasy Sports Game in Chicago. He is superstitious, and will pay money to buy some silly thing, not a souvenier, an item to assist him in winning a game or money.

I wonder what it would feel like to have your fate, destiny all determined by something you purchased in a market in Togo. Hmm, I do not believe, have trouble listening, but then again, the weirder the story, the more interesting, and it never ends with some stories. I personally am in MUCH more inclined to believe in a good God, then to believe in a bad God. But I believe the Devil finds more persons or leads more to God than the good, fear of something is more powerful than the love of something, except for 10 percent of the population, then love is more powerful. Fear of losing love, is fear, not love.

Ok, so he is Peace Corps, finished his tour of duty and says, he is
- Chillin -

I asked him what it means when a person needs counseling because of isolation. He said,
- They freak out. -

I said,
- What does freak mean? -

He finally let off of it, and said, could be anything from packing the bags and leaving to OCB.


This man was not a good communicator, his type A personality would not allow him to look at me, or talk directly at me, I could not believe how he demanded or commanded my respect and attention. OK, I forced him and drilled him again to tell me FREAK…


OK, I figured it out, he said, OCD, thanks to my Encyclopedia, I knew it by example of him saying the person would continually wash their hands.

P101 Psychology of beginning Psychobabble in University.

What leads a person to use OCD, an Acronym for some obscure ailment, that is nuts.

Someone has been training them or prophesizing the maladies they will develop, therefore guaranteeing they do, and they can label it. I still think buck up, shut up, and grow up, is a great three step program of recovery.

Include a really hard kick.

Ok, Freaking, is always a problem when a young person leaves home, homesick, and the torture of being alone with a person they do not like, do not respect, and do not know could make anyone freak When they have to be with this person… THEMSELVES, it has to be torture, being alone with your own thoughts, and not liking the person would be bad, if not horrible. I guess they deserve what they get, and for sure making a person learn to like themselves or deal with being with the enemy, themselves is evil. Geez, turn down the music long enough with your headsets and your brain may resume functioning.

MTV Generation exported to Togo… Ok, I am cynical, but the best thing about Peace Corps is not helping a Village, I think that is only about 2 percent effective, the best is they go home and do know something about another country. Fetishes for example, and Voodoo, and how to win at a fantasy sport game by using Voodoo. Or to know that Yea, Freak, and Chillin are English words, specific, clear, good diction and explain how they think and feel. Up and away with awesome, another means very little adjective. More like a sideways grunt, my generation said cool, but I have stopped, and had withdrawal, when I decided to try to think.

Oops, he also said being in a boring city or extremely isolated was very stressful. And people pay to go on vacation to avoid stress, go figure…. The less they do the more the stress, I tell you it is living with the enemy, themselves that causes the stress.

I am glad I like me, someone has to.

Voodoo Stealing Testicles