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Traveling Between Villages West Africa

2006-09-27 00:59:00

Traveling Between Villages West Africa
Pobe Benin West Africa
Sunday, September 17, 2006

I like to hop, skip, or jump travel, a small hop, a short skip, or a major jumps. I am making short hop between villages. Comfortable travel trips between one village to the next here in West Africa. They are natural easy to make trips, hmm, they are not natural; I am working extremely hard to escape the guidebook hotels. There are cities listed that have hotels and then the others. I am discovered a hotel in Pobe, Benin, a major success for a man that speaks weak French.

The backpackers need hotels, I need hotel, rooms, easy to find, a list of places to flop, and then I can wonder around. Africa would be easier I believe on a motocross bike, a big knobby tired motorcycle, with a great muffler. Noise pollution is already bad on the planet, without buying it.

I give the universal sign of sleep, putting my hands together as if I am praying, then putting the hands to my the side of my head, pretend to go to the baby fetal lying on side position. That with a few attempts to say Hotel in French helps.

I today increase the size of hops, I go from about 30 miles to about 75 miles per jump, I hope around 100-150 starts to be realistic. Contrary to what may be thought, I can travel faster in from small city to small city because there is NO city. Just a big asphalt road and too many people squeezed into a station wagon.

This is the major problem I am having, I need to know which cities have enough people, or population where they may have a need for a hotel, or rooms to rent.

Traveling Between Villages West Africa

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