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Travel Blog Enmeshment

2006-09-01 03:06:00

Travel Journal Enmeshment

Enmeshment is something connected:

ENMESH: catch in entanglement: to entangle somebody or something in something from which it is difficult to be extricated or separated.

I hate to read travel writers, I like to read or hear what a persons opinions, thoughts, feeling elicited, how they reacted to a novel experience.

However, if you wish to tell me somewhat should be Journalist rendition, (Journalist do not write like Journalist.) rendition of the NEWS of your travel, I am mildly interested. Extremely interested if I am looking for a hotel in the exact same city, but in the same price range.

A person blogging about travel has many stories.

Travel Sites or Destinations

If you look at the main page of, you will see 150 categories. These are my top 150 subjects you or I can blog about, and off course, subcategories below.

I want to turn travel bloggers into I-pay-them-to-blog travel guide writers. and all convince nice unsuspecting travelers to blog away, pretend like they are providing a great service, then they make thousands of dollars off these blog posters. Content is king.

99 percent of the information is hogwash of little value, for me, takes 2 hours for what I can get in 2 minutes from the LP Lone Planet guidebook. However, these sites are not for travelers they are for person who are planning a trip, and for a person looking for ideas, or to be entertained very well.

For a guide, they suck, it is like the Lonely Planet Thorntree on the internet, it is impossible to use as an actually person in a very stupid, impossible to believe how stupid internet café here in West Africa.

I insert, much to my desire to avoid, I feel I need to, someone has to take responsibility, and the world needs to know information.

I know how to make a page that can be found by a rather simpleton searcher, not good at it, does not understand, and gives up after two tries. Normal person, unless they want S E X or Music.

I have annoyed many with the prices of TroTro, Taxis or the ever present and resounding comments on the Visa Entente for Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin and Niger, the one visa that can be used for 5 countries. This is a windfall and should or could expand the number of tourist into Africa by 10,000,000 percent. I do not know, cannot be bothered to calculate, but for ever 1 traveler here now, there could be 100 because of knowledge of this Visa. It makes West Africa possible and easy.

Enmeshment of these Guide thought is annoying for many readers, they do not care, they want to only see photos, think in myths, have the blogger reinforce a myth, all of Africa is primitive, dangerous and the girls are running around topless, I only wish.

Start telling the truth and destroy the fantasy and person stop reading. In a business, all things are valuable, 90 percent of the rabble needs to live in fantasy, so be it.
I think I know a way to seamlessly separate a blog into many categories without me having to be connected to the internet. YES, many blogs will create these categories. But THINK I am in Africa, I have a connection yesterday for one-hour until my battery died, the owner of the café is brain dead, needs some vitamins, cannot see… I need electricity; he does no service, just wants money. In the end, sitting around categorizing thought is time consuming, confusing, and boring. I may do as I make, but I did not even know the categories when I started. I have no desire to be famous, make money yes, but to sit around putting my best foot forward, creating an illusion that I am always organized is fantasy, get a life.

I may have a solution, I know a way, and we have developed some technology that can be used for this. The problem is this. I can post to by email, but it only works 70 percent of the time, if it breaks and does not post, it goes into the vacuum of the internet. It has to be received and posted 100 percent of the time. It cannot bounce.

Travel Journal Enmeshment