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Translators of no Value

2006-09-13 02:47:00

Translators of no Value
Togoville Togo
Friday, September 8, 2006

I am becoming 95 percent sure; a translator is almost of zero value, unless of course you like to buy everything at 2-10 times the proper value.

50 percent of people helping to translate will make sure to get you the worst value possible.

25 percent are clueless of the value.
- They do not exchange money; they do no know the price.
- They do not rent room; they do not know the cost.
- They do not leave their city; they do not know the cost of transportation.

The biggest problem is though they do not know how to or care to negotiate, they love to be the rich person spending the rich mans money.

There is little negotiation done by a local, and if there is, it not to take the price from 10 dollars to fifty cents. They think if the person asked 10 dollars a good price would be nine, because then never have a person ask 10 times the price, only a small bite, not a huge bite.

It takes about 2-5 people to find the price of a Taxi from Togoville to Aneho, the price is probably about 500 Francs maximum, I will need to pay about 3000 because there is no way to learn, and the whole city is in on the scam.

A moto bike is cheap, but really no good for me, I have two large bags, and would never trust any person to carry the bag, they just do not care if it fall or drops. All translations all life is about care, an underdeveloped country has an underdeveloped sense of caring about anything.

They do want money; therefore, a translator will guarantee 80-100 percent of the time you pay enough for him or her to profit greatly. On the other hand, if a person would be capable of accessing whether a translator is doing well, they could choose the one in 50 and it could be a great advantage.

How do you learn, you must not need a translator to travel before you can learn if the prices are good… A Catch 22.

Translators of no Value